recetas de smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowls recipes

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Wednesday June 1st, 2016
Healthy nutrition

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has to give us enough energy for the whole morning and also motivate us to start the day with joy. Bowls fulfil these two requirements. Their appearance is so appetising and colourful that cheers us up in the morning, and the ingredients allow us to follow a healthy and balanced diet: fruits, seeds, vegetables and vegetable milks. We offer 3 recipes to enjoy your summer mornings:


A bowl is prepared in two simple steps. The ingredients of the base are all mixed with a blender, then poured on a bowl. Finally the topping is added. If the texture seems too thick to you, add as much water as you want. Once in a bowl, decorate your smoothie with the topping.


Bananas and strawberries bowl


  • 150 gr. of frozen açai
  • One banana
  • Three strawberries
  • Half almond milk glass
  • One soupspoon of agave syrup



  • One tablespoon of muesli
  • One tablespoon of almonds
  • Half tablespoon of goji berries

smoothie bowls recipes

Spinach and blueberries bowl


  • A cup of spinach
  • Half cup of frozen blueberries
  • One banana
  • Half glass of almond milk
  • One teaspoon of agave syrup



smoothie bowls recipes

Kale and Avocado bowl


  • Two cups of kale leaves
  • Half avocado
  • Two bananas
  • Halfglass of coconut milk
  • Teaspoon of powder spirulina



smoothie bowls recipes

Multiples combinations

Combination options to prepare bowls are infinite. You just need to mix 4 kinds of ingredients:

  • Fresh or frozen fruits, or green leaves
  • Liquids: yoghurt or your prefer milk (preferably vegetable milks)
  • Dried fruits and nuts or seeds for topping
  • Forget sugar and substitute it with honey, rice syrup


Now you have all the keys to add colour and vitality to your mornings!


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