Smile Design, the latest revolution in dentistry

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Monday September 14th, 2020
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Smile Design is one of our significant therapeutic innovations. It implies as a digital method that has changed dentistry by allowing patients to be shown before any real procedure is performed in the mouth, how their teeth will look at the end of the treatment.

Through the use of technology with sophisticated artificial intelligence systems, this method can ‘virtually’ show the changes that are intended to be made in the mouth, such as whitening, aesthetic corrections, rejuvenation of teeth using porcelain veneers and a host of other applications such as the radical change of the smile or ‘Hollywood smile,‘” explains Dr Mario González-Bonilla, dentist at SHA Wellness Clinic.

To perform the Smile Design, it is only necessary to perform a photo session of the patient, both of his face and his smile, as well as records of his mouth. With this information, the ‘Smile Designer’, the specialist who treats you, creates virtually the aesthetic treatments of the mouth.

The greatest advantage of this innovative system is that it allows for predictable treatments and gives the patient peace of mind and certainty of the result he or she intends to achieve once the treatment finalises,” emphasises Dr Mario González-Bonilla.

Aesthetics, a precious value

The smile is one of the main features of our personality along with the look. Having a beautiful, healthy and bright smile is like a letter of introduction, even without saying a word.

With the smile, we can transmit and generate a variety of emotions of incalculable reach. Thus, it influences our self-esteem and the perception that others have of us“, details our specialist.

For this reason, in recent years, there has been an increase in interest in cosmetic dentistry and specifically in personalised smile aesthetics, creating the so-called ‘Wow effect’ that each patient expects.

Numerous scientific studies support the power of the smile, and more so when it is beautiful. It shows confidence and security in oneself, transmits and impregnates positive emotions to our environment, releases endorphins and serotonin that allow improving the state of mind and lower stress and helps in social relationships.

Why is dental hygiene so important? Teeth, unlike other parts of the body, are not able to regenerate themselves. Once a tooth is damaged, this condition will affect our way of life to a greater or lesser degree. For example, to be able to eat and chew our food well, it is necessary that the mouth is in an optimal state of health and functionality.

Many damages that occur in the mouth, both in the teeth and in the gums, are caused by bacteria that in many occasions can only be removed through professional oral hygiene. Correct dental hygiene at home and a professional dental cleaning every six months will keep our teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Our stellar treatments in hygiene and prevention are carried out using state-of-the-art technology, refined techniques and the invaluable aid of dental ozone therapy,” says Dr Mario Gonzalez-Bonilla.

Dental hygiene to prevent diseases

Having good dental hygiene helps prevent many diseases. In addition to the pathologies of the mouth itself, a lack of dental hygiene can contribute to heart and respiratory diseases, among others.

Several studies show that a person with gum disease has a higher risk of suffering from heart disease. And in adults, patients with high amounts of bacterial plaque have been associated with the possibility of having a lung disease such as pneumonia, bronchitis or exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,” our expert.

At the same time, an incorrect way of chewing food prevents us from obtaining a greater quantity of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of our entire body. “Every day, through study and research, we learn more about the importance of keeping our mouths healthy and its relationship with the general wellbeing of our body,” summarises Dr Mario González-Bonilla.


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