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10 tips to sleep well during summer

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday June 6th, 2016
Wellness & Relax

With high temperatures, light and the change of habits, falling asleep during summer can be a real problem for many of us. However, sleeping well is crucial since it permits your body to relax correctly, helps to prevent diseases, gives a nice skin and fills us with energy. In this post, we suggest 10 tips to sleep well during summer.


  • Drink enough during the day

If you don’t drink enough during the day, you take the risks to get dehydrated, which can lead to headaches or body pains at the time you want to sleep. If you don’t like water, think about cold herbal teas or fresh fruit juices.

  • Have a light dinner

It is essential to avoid fats, spices and dairy products, and to choose light food as green leaves salads, cold vegetable soups… A heavy dinner can prevent you from sleeping well.

  • Take care of your feet

They are one of the parts of the body that are more sensitive to temperatures. To cool all your body, you can put your feet in cold water just before going to bed. Think also to uncover them while you are sleeping.

  • Unplug the electric devices

Unplug all the gadgets and small electric appliances in your bedroom since they produce heat, even if they are off.

  • Air your bedroom

Using a ventilator or air conditioning: if you prefer not to using the whole night you can put it on one hour before going to bed. It is enough to cool the atmosphere.

Opening the window and the door may be enough if you don’t like ventilators or air conditionings.

  • Do not move too much

If you move a lot in your bed, you will feel more heated. Try to find a comfortable posture and try to relax. You will feel how your body cools up.

  • Change your sheets

Choose light colors for your sheets and cotton fabric since it allows your skin to breathe better.

  • Apply cold

If you really need to cool down the temperature of your body, you can put cold compress on strategic points: wrists, elbows, heels, behind the knees… where the heat is concentrated.

  • Change your sport schedule

Do you think that physical activity will tire you and help you sleep better? Well, you are wrong. Sport implies an increase of internal temperature. So during summer months it is preferable to practice sport in the mornings.

  • Introduce cold in your bed

Buy a thermal bottle, fill it with cold water and put into your bed to keep a pleasant temperature.


These tips will for sure be helpful on the warmest summer nights and will let you enjoy long quality sleep and rest enough to face your days full of energy.


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