Sleep medicine: effective as preventive medicine

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Friday January 29th, 2021
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Sleep medicine has taken on a new value over the last decade and is now claimed as an essential value in the care of our general well-being and as a basic factor in promoting healthy ageing.

Proper rest allows us to repair damaged cells, stimulate the immune system and “reboot” the cardiovascular system. In addition to multiple beneficial effects at different levels:

  • It promotes better concentration and productivity during the day.
  • It increases brain function.
  • It prevents or reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • It has a decisive influence on metabolism.
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • It reduces the risk of depression.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It helps to control excess weight.
  • It balances our emotions.

It has been proven that when circadian rhythms are altered or broken, sleep disturbances and the risk of developing pathologies also appear. When there is no productive rest, the risk of suffering from illnesses increases exponentially and our lives are shorter or in worse conditions.


Chronodisruption and sleep disorders

Human beings have a biological clock, and when age-related interference occurs, this is known as chronodisruption, the most frequent cause of sleep disorders and other circadian rhythms.

As the years go by, and in the same way that hormone levels decrease, the quality and quantity of sleep also decreases. This sleep production actually affects our entire organism.

This is the meaning of sleep medicine, the treatment of rest, because sleep is necessary for all regeneration and repair of our tissues. As we get older, there is a greater risk of developing some kind of sleep disturbance. This is why sleep medicine has become one of the best preventive medicines available.


Diagnosis and sleep study at SHA

For SHA Wellness Clinic, the treatment of sleep and rest has always been essential as part of our integral health care. It is often not clear which came first: bad rest or a pathology.

When it comes to rest-promoting treatment, the most important thing is to establish the reasons why a person does not sleep well. It can be on many levels: lifestyle habits, lack of internal balance, physical circumstances… Or even a combination of all of these.

These circumstances can only be determined after an exhaustive personal study. Therefore, the first step is a consultation with an expert in sleep problems who, from an integrative approach, can identify the causes that generate imbalances in normal sleep rhythms.

Through measurements and the use of specialised technology, the origin of the pathology is determined in order to incorporate specific treatments and therapies focused on the gradual re-establishment of the natural sleep cycle.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a restorative rest and to recover the appropriate energy levels in order to be able to enjoy a fuller and healthier life.


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