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SHA Wellness Clinic President’s May message – Mr. Alfredo Bataller

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday May 5th, 2016

Dear readers,

The foundation of SHA is directly related to my belief that its existence offers different solutions to the ones we are used to. Although it appears to be governed by universal standards, the complex world of health is far from this. Medicine is not the same in in China, in India, in Switzerland or the USA. Apparently, substantial improvements are made everywhere, or at least this is what is constantly transmitted to us. Without going any further, I have been reading for more than fifty years that cancer days are numbered, that thanks to the “recent” discoveries and advances in science cancer will be soon easily curable.

The ugly truth is that cancer, like many other diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases in general and some others, move uncontrollably, transforming a higher percentage of the population in chronic patients with a diminished quality of life, constantly medicated to control their ailments or operated to extirpate a tumour or remove an organ: appendix, tonsils, gall bladder or kidney (to name the most common), with all the suffering involved in this processes and their consequences to people´s health and quality of life.

Treating each appearing symptom in isolation can be a temporary solution but not an overall improvement.

One of our experts at SHA explains it like this: A bridge in a motorway falls down and the cars start plunging. A big emergency operation is activated: ambulances, helicopters and volunteers arrive. All the resources are at the service of the victims and in the meanwhile, the cars continue falling down from the bridge. Everybody is busy taking care of the victims and nobody thinks about stopping the traffic to avoid more cars to plunge.

The unquestionable advances in medicine have made possible surgery that was until recently difficult to imagine, thanks to which millions of people can live today. The impressive progress of technology contributes magnificently for the purpose of extending life. The great amounts of money invested in research make some drugs appear with real healing capacity and many with palliative effects. All these achievements, combined with the significant improvement in hygiene, make life expectancy longer, but poor nutrition, physical inactivity, stress, over-medication and bad habits in general, make people live longer but with more diseases in tow.

With all my respect to scientific advances, which also SHA includes, our approach to health is eminently holistic. We prioritize the best natural therapies and techniques as well as a fully healthy nutrition, respectful with the indications of the World Health Organization. A series of habits that help cleanse the body to improve the self-healing capacity, boosting the immune system and overall health as a result.

Yours faithfully,

Alfredo Bataller Parietti
President and Founder SHA WELLNESS CLINIC

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