How Sha Wellness Clinic helps you improve your health?

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Sunday June 25th, 2017
Wellness & Relax

Sha Wellness Clinic is the perfect site to recover peace of mind and harmony in all your senses. The environment surrounding this perfectly located, amazing place will add to the experiences that await you at this rejuvenation centre.

We all need some space and time to be able to reset and focus on our well being. Our unbalanced diets affect our moods and health, lack of sleep makes us lose concentration, stress builds up and, when we reach this point, we need to take care of ourselves.

The work you do every day often demands all your effort and availability. Not having enough time for yourself creates certain tension that builds up day after day. You want to imagine having a balance between work, harmony and a healthy life, and it seems hard. At the Sha Wellness Clinic, the adaptation process is provided for you, while teaching you how to preserve this stability.

As soon as you arrive, you will receive a warm, elegant welcome. You’ll be able to choose between different fully furnished suites with terraces and sea and mountain views. This therapeutic hotel has an elegant, modern and sober style, transmitting a feeling of well being and calm. The main advantage of the Sha Wellness Clinic, as opposed to other similar accommodations, is the diverse array of treatments and the top-notch method used for the therapies.

The Sha Wellness Clinic method

During your stay, you can opt for different therapies according to your needs. The Sha method offers natural therapies accompanied by highly refreshing and nutritious food. The importance given to constant progress in Western medicine differentiates Sha from other centres with more traditional methods. Sha’s highest priority is to ensure that each patient feels healthy and fully renewed.


The spa offers a positive and enriching therapy experience. Depending on your needs, the experts at the Sha Wellness Clinic will advise you and offer you the most beneficial treatments for now and in the future, since its clientele don’t settle for simply leaving here feeling renewed. Our guests also learn to extend the well being from any activity they normally do when they return to their routines.

Its therapies cover different areas, from beauty treatments, physiotherapy, relaxation, to more specialized therapies such as quitting smoking, acupuncture, sleep therapy, dental expertise, osteopathy, hair treatment, energy treatments, meditation and much more.

Personalized attention

Every client will be treated exclusively and a study will be carried out in order to adapt each therapy to each person’s needs, thus ensuring optimal treatment. In turn, the nutrition and diet will be assessed and new healthy habits will be introduced if necessary.

The mental calm and energy you achieve will be accompanied by instructions so that you will be able to continue enjoying and putting healthy habits into practice outside of these facilities. The well being of its clients is the centre’s highest priority, while guests enjoy the environment surrounding the Sha Wellness Clinic

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