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SHA Nutrition

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Wednesday December 6th, 2017

Healthy nutrition is one of the keys to the SHA Wellness Clinic’s philosophy of offering our guests a holistic experience that allows them to achieve physical and mental well-being.

At our SHAMADI restaurant you’ll find gourmet food adapted to your needs. Moreover, it lets you savor the natural environment of our location while enjoying the flavors of an energetic and healthy diet.

The chef of the SHA Wellness Clinic is responsible for creating the gourmet menus and applying the latest in nutritional research. Each plate is inspired by the culinary wisdom of some of the regions with the longest life expectancy in the world.

Seasons are taken strongly into account when planning meals to ensure top quality in the organic projects we use.


SHA wants the guests who come to the clinic to learn to eat healthfully in order to maintain their optimal weight and avoid the dreaded rebound effect.

The SHA diet is based on the principle of balancing Yin and Yang, and is inspired by Mediterranean and Asian nutrition. SHA puts a more modern and appealing spin on these ideas  with food designed to meet to each individual’s goals.

“food as medicine, and medicine as food”

The simple goal of this diet is to create a balanced and healthy way of eating without lots of restrictions. It takes the best from a traditional diet and adapts it to the needs of each person so they can enjoy a longer life.

By following rules for healthy eating and lifestyle you can achieve a balance between the mind and body and prevent yourself from contracting diseases.

The main ingredients of the SHA Wellness Clinic diet are grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and seaweed.

The core idea of this diet is to learn how to best choose the food you will put on your plate. Nutritional experts recommend wholegrain, fresh, organic, balanced, local and seasonal foods. But above all, “that it is real food”, or in other words, that it provides the body with the elements it needs for proper nutrition.

SHA Wellness Clinic founder Alfredo Bataller recommends a balanced diet, using Western medicine and age-old Eastern treatments to prevent health problems, and, especially, have a harmonious life.

At SHA Wellness Clinic we recommend the SHA Discovery program to adopt a healthy lifestyle and learn to relax and recover from built-up stress.

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