Detox Treatment
Detox Treatment

Detox Treatment

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Tuesday August 6th, 2013
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Lymphatic drainage with crystal cups

What is Detox treatment?

Detox massage is a deep lymphatic drainage made ​​with some glass cups with a detox effect (the equipment is called lymphodrainer) that help undo the accumulation of fat, eliminate toxins, fluids and impurities in the body. At the same time, it is a very energetic detox treatment as it actives our our body and brings a lot of vitality.

How is the detox massage done?

Before starting the detox with cupping massage, the therapist observes the patient’s body in detail to analyze their specific needs and essential oils best suited to their problems and objectives. There are over 10 different essential oils, each with a homeopathic purpose: draining effect, firming, regenerating, anti-cellulite, etc. and several different homeopathic essences can be applied in each part of the body according to the purpose of treatment in each area through the lymphodrainer device. All Piroche essences are 100% natural and organic and penetrate actively into blood through our skin.

Detox massage is carried throughout the whole body, starting from the rear of the body (back, buttocks and legs), then moving to the front. Although the therapist dedicates more time to one area or other depending on each person’s specific purpose, it is good to always treat all our body parts to active it globally.

detox massage

What are the detox crystal cups?

The crystal cups come from traditional Chinese medicine, and used this material because their vibrations help to move and activate our body fluids and, therefore, to eliminate accumulated toxins. The cups act as vents in areas of the body that are applied and the lymphodrainer machine allows to move them at different speeds: the slower pace allows absorb toxins from the worked area,  alternated with a faster rate which shift toxins to the expulsion areas with the help of a manual lymphatic massage.

cupping detox treatment

Benefits of the cupping massage

– It is very beneficial for back pain and contractions, as it helps to display the tissues and unlock the back

– It drains and mobilizes fluids, relieving people with liquids retention, and it also relieves constipation.

– Relieves inflammation and promotes tissue irrigation

– Supplies blood to the skin, promotes oxygenation and cleans toxins

Helps to lose weight, as it is a firming massage that shapes the figure and helps to eliminate sagging and reduce cellulite

– It is a hard anti-stress, as essential oils exert a sedative effect on the nervous system

Slows the aging process. Helps activate collagen and elastin

detox treatment

Suggestions for the detox massage

It is advisable to drink plenty of water before and after treatment.

It’s good to make a detox massage after a manual lymphatic drainage massage or slimming massage, after a hydroenergetic detox repair, or after body treatments such as body wraps. To be most effective it is recommended to do it at least 2 times a week, even if it is making an intensive detox program it can be done every day for a week.

After detox massage is recommended to do facials or hair treatments because detox treatment promotes the oxygenation of the body previously.

It is recommended not to shower for 8 hours after treatment so that the active ingredients of natural essential oils continue to make impact on our body.

piroche detox massage

Contraindications for detox massage

Not recommended for pregnant women, people with cancer, people with serious circulatory problems such as the generation of thrombus, as bruises may occur in the skin (but usually disappear soon), vascular problems or people with important dermatological disease.

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