Serum therapy, detoxification for your wellbeing

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Saturday May 30th, 2020
Natural therapies

Within Biological Medicine, serum therapy is becoming more and more established as one of the treatments of choice for detoxifying our body and strengthening the immune system. Its applications are extraordinarily numerous and cover various disciplines.

The serum therapy is the intravenous administration of a combination of vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements to optimise the enzymatic functions of the cells and to favour the self-healing of our organism.

Our needs in vitamins and oligo-elements are increasing, since our food is not sufficient and at the same time it is increasingly abundant in additives that inactivate or degrade them.

Serum therapy manages to quickly and effectively restore levels of vitamins and minerals at a cellular level and will allow us to feel more energy, relieve stress, neutralize the excess of free radicals, help us to eliminate toxins from our body or strengthen our immune system“, points out Rosario Garcia, expert in Biological and Anti-Aging Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic.

The way to introduce these nutrients is intravenously to avoid possible malabsorption that may exist at a digestive level or alterations in the bacterial flora. And always under the supervision of an expert.

Balanced body to avoid nutrient deficiency

Our body needs to process minerals, vitamins, energy and other essential nutrients that we ingest to maintain its full balance. One of the secrets, although not the only one, is a correct diet. For example, fast food, lack of time or indiscipline in schedules are generators of important imbalances.

The figure of the dietician is fundamental. Not only to determine what foods and habits we lack, but also to design a plan to correct any imbalance that may occur.

But food is not the only source of imbalances. Smoking or alcohol also contribute to nutrient deficiencies. So does the consumption of certain steroids or supplements for muscle development, for example.

“Any deficiency of nutrients, even a slight one, can be the cause of cellular dysfunction and lead to a lack of energy, excessive tiredness, alterations of the nervous system or low resistance to disease,” says Rosario García.

The nutrients that the experts consider necessary depend on the analyses, the clinical results, the symptoms present and their evolution. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a detailed study of the patient’s history beforehand, trying to make it as personalised as possible.

Exhaustion, stress, polymedication and ageing

The effectiveness of serum therapy covers many fields. “In a preventive way, it is especially indicated in situations where our reserves can be depleted, such as stress, polymedication, pollution, very intense sporting activity or ageing”, says the specialist at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Perhaps the detoxification of the body is one of the main contributions of this treatment since the intravenous application of serums represents a therapeutic method that activates the body’s capacity for self-healing by strengthening the immune system. It also promotes the elimination of toxins through physiological elimination pathways.

To achieve maximum effectiveness of the treatment, it is vital to make a perfect diagnosis based on the patient’s history, as already mentioned. Serums used in the treatment of serum therapy are entirely personalized according to the needs and benefits to be obtained.

There are combinations of serums for very different therapeutic areas:
– Improving skin health and beauty.
– Providing health and beauty to the hair.
– Combating obesity.
– Detoxifying the body.
– Creating an anti-stress therapy.
– Protecting the immune system.
– Implementing an anti-ageing plan.
– Revitalising energy.
– Regulating rest and combat insomnia.
– Improving digestion.
– Acquiring vital harmony.
– Improving cardiovascular health.
– Increasing intellectual performance, memory and brain health.
– Strengthening  our bones and joints
– Improving sexual health and well-being
– Reducing nicotine addiction

And not only that but the serum therapy can also be combined with other beauty treatments since recovery is immediate after its application. Moreover, it is recommended to perform it in combination with ozone therapy to multiply its effects and benefits.


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