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Serum therapy, benefits and applications

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Monday June 19th, 2017
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Insomnia, obesity, joint pain, respiratory problems and nicotine addiction are just some of the evils against which serum therapy has demonstrated excellent results. In fact, its protocols have been used for years, with greater effectiveness than oral administration. If this revolutionary mode of popular detox treatments is still unknown to you, we invite you to discover how versatile its multiple applications can be. Would you like to join us?

What is bioregulatory medicine?

The main strength of serum therapy lies in the combination of antioxidants, oligoelements and drugs that promote activating the body’s natural defence mechanisms. The intravenous application provides this therapeutic combo directly into the bloodstream, ensuring that the nutrients are assimilated in an optimal manner.

Bioregulatory medications are those that stimulate self-healing, introduced into the body in combination with safe serums, generally a mixture of saline solution, sodium chloride and dextrose.

It doesn’t matter what the illness is that you wish to overcome, even when healthy, this therapy will contribute to preventing illness and slowing the oxidative effect of free radicals. Remember that serum therapy increases the body’s oxygenation levels, allowing the cells to naturally renew themselves. Your skin and hair will be full of life. You’ll feel younger and more active.

What can I expect of serum therapy?

Given its flexibility in being able to administer several medications simultaneously, this therapy makes it possible to have treatments that are one hundred percent personalized and allow for simpler medical follow-up visits.

The therapy’s most important benefits are:

– It facilitates the physiological elimination of toxins, heavy metals and accumulated wastes that must be drained in order to ensure the body’s regeneration and proper functioning.

– It combats chronic fatigue, for example, after surgery or long hospitalization.

– It strengthens the immune system.

– It prevents premature ageing.

– It boosts cognitive faculties, sharpening concentration and memory.

– It mitigates symptoms associated with illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes or gastritis.

Can I use it too?

The applications of serum therapy are almost unlimited. There is a solution for every problem, since medications can be combined that are best suited to your goals. If you feel like trying it, you’ll notice improvements if you’ve had:

– Respiratory viral pathologies such as flu, sinusitis and rhinitis…

– Migraines.

– Phlebitis and varicose veins.

– Gastrointestinal alterations (gastritis, diarrhea, constipation, colitis, etc.)

– Osteoarthritis.

– Nutritional deficiencies due to, for example, vegan or vegetarian diets.

– Muscular exhaustion if practicing high-performance sports.

– Mental stress due to a high-responsibility profession.

– Nicotine addiction.

– Alcoholism.

– Low libido.

– Hair loss.

– Obesity. If you’re trying to lose weight, serum therapy will achieve a double objective: encouraging the activation of adipocyte metabolism and avoiding infection due to the release of toxins into the bloodstream, which is common after rapid weight loss.

– Dull tone. Did you know that, combined with therapy rich in red blood cells, your skin cells will be fully renewed? Its antioxidant composition will nourish your dermis down to the deepest layers, allowing a smoother and more luminous skin to shine.

As you can see, the benefits and applications of serum therapy cover a broad spectrum of possibilities with the maximum safety and comfort. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try.


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Serum therapy offers personalized solutions. What do you need?

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The combination of medications and safe serums make serum therapy the most comfortable, fastest and safest way to encourage the body’s self-healing


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