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Wednesday April 28th, 2021
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Spring is, for traditional chinese medicine, the best time to give the body a boost to help eliminate toxins so that it can restart after a long and cold winter. It’s detox time. Our body slowly begins to come out of the state of hibernation into which winter has plunged us and is ready to be renewed.

It’s like cleaning the house inside and out, getting rid of anything that clutters and obstructs organs like the liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system. It means better gut health, better general health.

Moreover, there is a natural relationship between the body and the seasons, and they lend us a helping hand. Thus, there is an abundance of foods that help the liver to regenerate at this time of year. For example: spinach, lettuce, celery, broccoli, kale, chard, spirulina, chlorella, garlic, green tea… Detox foods.

The key is to know how to choose a detox that works for each individual. Because everyone is different and has different needs and goals.


What is detoxification and why follow a plan?

We are continually exposed to toxins in our daily lives, and detoxification is the process of naturally removing harmful substances from the body, either through urine, sweat, secretions or breathing.

Signs of toxicity such as excessive fatigue for no apparent reason, headaches and migraines, low mood, skin problems, digestive problems and a generally weakened immune system are likely to appear after a long winter. These signs indicate that toxin levels are quite high and the body is unable to eliminate them without help.

Detoxification is therefore an excellent way to cleanse the body of excess toxins and reduce its toxicity levels in order to help vital organs recover and regenerate. Detoxification means getting healthier and preparing the body for the next season.


What is it and who is it for? Effectively eliminate toxins with the Detox health programme

Everyone should do a detox at some point during the year, but especially those with unhealthy habits. These include excessive consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages, smoking and poor diet.

Also at risk are people subjected to high levels of stress or pollution, as well as those who have a lower physical capacity to properly detoxification of the body.

If done well, a detox is greatly beneficial for health and the effects are practically immediate. The SHA Detox Programme is approached from a holistic point of view that brings together different specialities to guarantee the best possible detoxification.

Under professional supervision and advice, the aim is to detoxify the body through three main ways:

  • A personalised diet and health plan.
  • Natural therapies, medical treatments and the right supplements under the single premise of helping to eliminate toxins and strengthening the body’s natural purification mechanisms.
  • Lifestyle recommendations for learning new healthy habits.

No plan can work without a first assessing the body’s level of oxidative stress so that therapeutic decisions can be made to counteract it. From this point onwards, a plan can be followed with full guarantees. And this must necessarily involve learning and incorporating new healthy eating habits to optimise the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

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