Sanctuary of Relaxation – The SHA Experience of Cecilia

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday March 8th, 2016

We were honored to have Cecilia Núñez from Mexico as a guest during January at SHA. Today she wanted to share her life-changing experience with SHA Magazine’s readers.


I have the privilege to live idyllic escapes, the kind of escapes that allow you to explore further that the world you already know and mark your memory forever.

When I was told that there was a place in the world, in Alicante, surrounded by mountains and sea, where every day you can have activities, therapies and menus that consciously and responsibly feed the spirit, the soul and the body of its guests, I knew that I had to experiment this place.

Human beings are born programmed to look for survival but also for beauty and wellness… I heard this idea once and it came to my mind several times during the days I spent in SHA, a privileged place where every corner, every view, every experience and every staff member is dedicated to wellness and to create an atmosphere of introspection and harmony.

I have always thought that human beings are innate pleasure hunters, and us, the travelers, we cross borders to get it and to find the more moving landscapes, we taste any kind of ingredients with the mission of finding the flavors which will wake up our senses, that feed our body in a balanced and harmonious way, and we start impassioned conversations around tables, celebrating meetings and laughs. And that was exactly how my stay in SHA was. There, I reconnected with myself, with my most authentic, wise and relaxed facet. I met people: therapists and customer care team who moved me and managed to leave a teaching in my lifestyle.

Waking up to have a small walk on a dream way; having a conversation with Maria, the nutritionist who made me understand the strength of a healthy diet; savoring a complete and healthy menu every day, sharing laughs with Mila, the passionate public relations; meeting Eva, who generously gives acupuncture sessions; receiving healing from Pablo’s hands, therapist and physiotherapist with whom I felt that my body (and also my soul) came back to the right place; or having a mindfulness, were experiences which still resonate into me after a couple of weeks back home.

SHA reminded me the instruction to live this sentence of Fernado Pessoa. “Travels are travelers. What we see is not what we see but what we are”. I realized that the most unforgettable trip is the one who leads to our interior, the one which reminds us our capacity to heal ourselves, surprise us and discover the beauty and harmony wherever we are.


Being captivated by the beauty of this sanctuary of relaxation, in the hands of wellness professionals at SHA Wellness Clinic gave me an experience that goes far beyond a holiday: it is about getting inspired to bring a style of conscious, healthy and balanced life.


 Cecilia Núñez

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