Revitalising Medicine

What is Revitalising Medicine?

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday October 3rd, 2016
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In SHA Wellness Clinic we are constantly aiming to provide the most innovative and effective treatments in the realm of health and wellness. We offer an area dedicated to Revitalising Medicine, where the main objective is the integrity of the human biosystem, which aims to regenerate the healing system of the body through 3 specialized treatments: Ozone therapy, Serum Therapy and UV Light Phototherapy.

Although different, these treatments share the commonality that they have a significant improvement in the organism, quality of life and increase energy and vitality.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is an effective treatment that results in a significant improvement of the different physiological processes of the body, enhancing quality of life and the capacity to work. The therapy consists in introducing ozone into the body and it’s known for its anti-oxidizing, oxygenating, revitalizing, regenerating and immuno-modulating properties that have long-lasting positive effects.

Serum Therapy

The aim of the serum therapy is to stimulate the body’s self-healing capacity. This therapy helps recover vitality, prevent diseases and optimize physical and intellectual performance. In addition, because the effectiveness of the treatment, the benefits become apparent in a short period of time.

It is especially suitable for those who want to recover their biological balance and well-being quickly and effectively, with as little toxicity as possible.

UV Light Therapy

UV light therapy consists of the intravenous application of different wavelengths of light, and is characterised by its rapid, long-lasting effects. Among the benefits of the treatment are noticeable improvements in overall body performance and the sleep/wake cycle, as well as a lifting of mood in general.

Therapeutic effects are achieved by activating photo-sensitive molecules present in the blood. These photo receptors in turn activate interconnected biochemical pathways to produce improved acid-base balance, a significant anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, an immuno-stimulatory effect on bacteria, fungi and viruses, and enhanced cardiovascular haemodynamics.


You can try any of these treatments in our Revitalising Medicine area at SHA Wellness clinic.




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