Revitalising medicine: energy, immune system, detoxification and quality of life

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday May 5th, 2020

Dr. Rosario García
Dr. Rosario García

Dr Rosario Garcia is a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and an expert in Biological and Anti-Ageing Medicine, most notably ozone therapy and serum therapy treatments. She is a member of the SHA Wellness Clinic Biological Medicine team and is responsible for ozone therapy and fluid therapy.

There is much confusion with the term “revitalizing medicine,” even in the scientific literature. It is used to refer to practically “everything that revitalizes.” But what do we mean by “revitalizing”? It would mean giving more vitality or vigor: by revitalizing something, you provide it with strength, life, or movement. The idea of revitalizing is also usually associated with the recovery of the splendor or growth of something.

In medicine, the revitalizing action consists of increasing the energy available in the cells, which allows them to recover their functionality optimally. This normalizes functions lost or damaged by the effect of factors such as environmental pollution, toxic habits, or ageing itself. In this way, we manage to recover and prevent many chronic degenerative, infectious, and metabolic diseases.

Revitalizing Medicine seeks to maintain vital functions and improve quality of life by restoring the physiological balance in the cells of our body through the proper use of nutrients and elements that they need. It manages to strengthen the health, to attenuate the deterioration of the organism, and to prevent chronic diseases.

Immune system and oxygenation: the pillars of Revitalization

Life requires energy, and we obtain it through enzymatic reactions that depend primarily on nutrients and oxygen.
Revitalization is based on five fundamental pillars:
1. Strengthening the immune system, since its proper functioning allows us to fight infections, detect and destroy cancer cells before they can cause damage.
2. Decreasing the toxic load of the body by helping detoxification, notably when it is genetically diminished. With this, we help to eliminate accumulated contaminants better, even using chelating substances, to be able to remove heavy metals if necessary.
3. Keeping tissues and cells well-oxygenated, which is essential for obtaining energy in the cells. When the cell absorbs oxygen, metabolic reactions are activated, which will generate the energy that keeps it alive.
4. Combatting excessive free radicals, those molecules that are so reactive and capable of irreversibly damaging the cells.
5. Nourishing cells adequately by providing the necessary nutrients so that they can carry out the metabolic reactions in an optimal way.

Anti-aging and wellness medicine

More than a specialty, Revitalizing Medicine is considered a discipline within the context of Anti-Aging Medicine and with the therapeutic approach of Orthomolecular Medicine since it is dedicated to cellular rehabilitation using biochemical tools that respect cellular integrity and the internal environment.
It is fundamentally oriented towards those people who want to take care of themselves and be protagonists of their health. It is a high-speed and effective therapeutic option.
The main objective of Regenerative Medicine is to optimize the vital functions to help face the day to day with more ease. Revitalization would be the process of restoring the deteriorated functions and is quickly translated into a feeling of well-being and the recovery of mental and physical capacities.
There are various therapies to carry it out. From our unit, we propose scientifically guaranteed treatments that will safely allow us to recover our biological balance, such as Ozone Therapy, Serum Therapy, and Intravenous Phototherapy.

Our recommendation is to carry out these treatments in a preventive way at least once a year and in general whenever there is fatigue or tiredness, a decrease of physical or intellectual performance, insomnia, mood alteration, or state of mind.


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