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How to remove toxins from the body?

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Wednesday February 24th, 2016
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Unfortunately our bodies accumulate a lot of toxins every day. These toxins come mainly from the food we eat, but also from pollution or unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking. Stress or lack of sleep and rest also prevent hover “good” hormones without which the body retains toxins that make you feel tired, sad, or can make you develop serious diseases in the future.

The body has some tools to get rid of them: 

The liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin are responsible for cleaning our body.
The liver processes toxic substances and send them to the kidneys through the blood to be excreted through the urine or through billis to the intestines so that they expel them as feces. 12 different types of cancer can be origintae don the liver so it’s really important to keep it clean.
The skin eliminates toxins through perspiration, also cleaning its outer shell.
The role of the lungs is to provide fresh oxygen needed to clean and perform these functions.

In addition to the tools provided by our very nature, we count on some extra help to remove toxins from the body:


The Diet

It is essential not only to remove toxins from the body, but also to avoid the accumulation.  How? If you eat a healthy diet, eliminating refined foods such as sugar or flour you will be avoiding many toxins in your body.
Furthermore it is recommended to perform a cleansing diet at least once a year and include certain foods that help detox everyday.


Sport and Sauna

Regular exercise helps to improve the process of removing toxins and heat and humidity of the sauna help to eliminate toxins through the skin with sweat.



Acupuncture can help cleanse the body looking for pressure points where toxins tend to accumulate. Thus toxins are released so that the body naturally eliminates them.



There are certain supplements that also help with their properties to eliminate toxins. This is the case of Detox Supplement, which is part of the line of SHA Nutritional Supplements.  Made from ingredients such as Chlorella, turmeric or zinc, it is indicated mainly for detoxification processes by heavy metals and other environmental chemicals and liver ailments for its purifying and hepatoprotective effect. It may be acquired on SHA Boutique Online.


Colon hydrotherapy

It is a method that can be controversial for many people, but it is highly effective and is recommended to be performed twice a year.
You can learn more about this treatment in this post.


Other Treatments

In addition, you should enjoy this kind of treatment at least once a year, in combination with a cleansing diet.

Detox massage
Cure hydropower

Get into Detox Program offered at SHA Wellness Clinic to remove toxins from your body and to fully enjoy your health.



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