Recommended Aesthetic Treatments in Winter

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Monday October 19th, 2015
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The skin is an organ with its own vitality that covers our body. When we take care of our skin, our mood improves, we feel better and we are more happy because it’s the organ with which we relate to others. Specially in winter, we come from committed excesses with the sun and diet because we have been during the summer in a relaxation period after suffering a year of stress. Winter is the best time to undergo aesthetic treatments with satisfactory results. During winter all kind of non invasive aesthetic treatments are recommended, because the protection it’s safer.

These are the most recommended Non-invasive aesthetic treatments in winter:


Treat skin stains – Micro-fractionated Lasers


Winter beauty treatments SHA Wellness Clinic


Micro-fractional lasers are the latest generation lasers, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration),that incorporate an intelligent optical system that allows “to read” the skin. They are responsible for treating some specific parts of the skin, leaving other parts untreated. This allows an easier and shorter recovery period after the treatment.


First we will write about Clear Brilliant. It’s a micro-fractionated laser formulated to restore skin, provide brightness, improve its texture and close the pore.


The second micro-fractionated laser is called Fraxel Dual, which has a higher power than Clear Brilliant and it’s made to repair and restore the skin.


Both lasers are designed to treat any part of the body: legs, arms, face, neck, chest… They are treatments in which sun protection is necessary.


Treat Sagging skin with Thermage CPT and Ulthera


From 35 years or so it’s highly recommended making a diagnosis and proper assessment of the collagen in the skin so we can improve it’s quality, which translates into an improvement in the flabbiness.


To avoid sagging skin we recommend a treatment called Thermage CPT with which we eliminate sagging of the whole body giving it firmness.

We also use a treatment called Ulthera that is able to get, by ultrasound, a lifting effect in the face and in the jowls.


 Winter beauty treatments SHA Wellness Clinic









Restore the skin with Growth Factor

Mesotherapy with platelet rich plasma is the perfect aesthetic treatment after summer. It’s a simple infiltration with which we use a substance from the body.  They are platelets obtained after making a patient’s blood extraction and centrifugation. They are surrounded by epidermal growth factors that allows to restore and repair the skin without causing any kind of rejection, because it’s a substance from our own body.



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