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Wednesday August 26th, 2015
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Osteoporosis is a bone disease that progressively contributes to their deterioration, increasing the risk of fractures.

It’s a disease that nowadays affects to 75 million people in Europe, usually women over 65, but it also affects older men.

Causes and Symptoms

The risk of osteoporosis is determined by the bone mass rate obtained during adulthood and old age, so we should look for the factors that influence the bones quality.

  • Genetic and hereditary factors influence the bone mass rate.
  • Menopause: is one of the most influential factors in case of osteoporosis in women since the role of ovules stops, it accelerates bone mass loss.
  • Both low levels of magnesium and its deficiency contribute to suffer osteoporosis.
  • Body-mass index under 20. 
  • Poor nutrition or malnutrition.
  • Consumption of medicines, alcohol or tobacco.

Over the years, osteoporosis has been known as a silent disease because it does not produce any symptom until suffering the pain of fracture. The most common fractures are femur, spine, wrist and humerus. Nowadays we can know some causes that affect bones quality and increase the probability to suffer osteoporosis.


Recommendations for Osteoporosis

The choice of treatment depends on the characteristics of the individual and, although pharmacological treatment is important, there are other measures that help correct nutritional deficiencies and improve lifestyle, minimizing the risk of developing the disease.

healthy bones

  • Calcium and Vitamin D – Since the 50s, the need to consume calcium increases. Therefore, vitamin D plays an important role because it is essential for absorption and and integration of the calcium by the bones.  The content of vitamin D in foods is very low, except for some fish, so the best way to get this vitamin D is sun exposure. However, it is recommended to take supplements to get the daily required amounts. At SHA we have a complete range of nutritional supplements, including Healthy Bones, which contains all the necessary vitamins to strengthen bone structure. Healthy bones helps compensate the lack of calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin D. It can be bought at our SHA Boutique ( physical store of SHA Wellness Clinic) and at Esenza by SHA.
  • ExerciseSport helps increase bone mass and reduce it loss in older people. Exercise should be adapted to the circumstances of each person, so it is recommended to take a walk everyday to keep bones strong and healthy.



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