Rebecca Louise Law

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday May 23rd, 2019
Wellness & Relax

“ I want an art that conveys humanity, serenity toward nature…an art where this is still alive in death”


 You enter a room and the colour, the shapes and the aroma suffuse everything. Yellow, red, violet, green and orange colours flood your retina. The city and its noise fall away, as do your thoughts and worries. Suddenly, you are in the middle of, or perhaps below, a field of flowers, of gerberas, roses, lavender…but it’s art. And it’s stunning. You may be looking at I,000 wreaths, each one 5 metres across, like the last exhibit at Kew Gardens, in London. Everything you see is made with flowers. Rebecca Louis Law is behind it all. She is a London artist known for her skill with natural materials, especially meticulously preserved flowers.

Law has exhibited her colossal creations in New York, San Francisco, London Melbourne, Athens and Art Basel Miami. But before we get into her achievements as an artista we must learn where she is coming from and what she is looking for. Only then we will understand why Law´s work is so moving. She belongs to the sixth generation of a family of artists and gardeners. Law grew up surrounded by a beautiful graden that doubled as her playroom. Who needs a TV? Her father was the garden at the National Trust’s Anglesey Abbey, a beautiful mansión northeast of Cambridge, part of which is open to the public. The abbey and its picture-perfect garden are famous. This made the Young Rebecca grow up with a sense of respect and profound sensitivity towards nature. Since she was a little girl, Law drew flowers for her parents. And not just one drawing, hundreds and hundreds. She has been “obsessed with flowers”, for a long time, she says.


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