Pressotherapy during pregnancy
Pressotherapy during pregnancy

Pressotherapy during pregnancy

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Tuesday March 18th, 2014
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Pressotherapy for water retention during pregnancy

Pressotherapy treatment

Pressotherapy is a very effective treatment for pregnant women, since it improves greatly the symptoms caused by water retention caused during pregnancy. During pregnancy occurs a hormonal misbalance that leads to excessive water retention in some areas of the body, the most frequent areas are legs and ankles, pressotherapy treats this problems efficiently. Pressotherapy can be used during pregnancy in order to combat those problems and after pregnancy in order to help eliminate those extra pounds after pregnancy as well as to recover skin elasticity.

What is Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a treatment used mainly to reduce cellulitis, adiposities and to help solve circulation problems. It is a pumping technique that facilitates the physiological slip of venous and lymphatic flow, thereby activating the circulation.

How does pressotherapy work?

To treat pressotherapy the presspants are used, a device that has 24 cells that apply pressure to specific body areas, legs, arms and abdominal area. The pressing effect helps activate the circulatory system.

The press cells apply pressure upward and alternatively.  The pressotherapy technique by activating the circulatory system, generates lymphatic drainage and therefore it contributes to the elimination of fluids, toxins and fats that produce cellulite, edema, lymphedema (lymphatic system blockages, which can lead to swelling of the extremities) as well as disorders such as varicose veins.

Uses of pressotherapy
  • To treat water retention during pregnancy
  • Elimination of varicose veins
  • Relieve symptoms of tired legs
  • Reduce cellulitis
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