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Thursday September 1st, 2016
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Now that the holidays are over, or coming to an end, it’s time to get back into our healthy routine and feel our best again. After the holidays, when you’ve probably let yourself go and haven’t stuck to your healthy habits, it can get hard to get back into it, especially, if you’re also suffering the post-holiday blues. But let’s turn our attitude around and have excitement and enthusiasm to get back into our healthy rhythm. We’ve had time to recharge our batteries and create many wonderful memories and experiences that should fill us with positive thoughts. Now it’s time to focus all that positive energy in taking care of ourselves. It’s all about your mindset and how you choose to approach the start of the new season.

Once the holidays have ended, it’s important to get back into our healthy habits to revitalise our organism and build the resistance to build a routine again. We know it’s not easy, that’s why we’ve created the perfect plan for you to get back into feeling and looking your best. Simply follow these tips and you should start feeling better in no time. Don’t forget being kind to yourself, taking things day by day and always strive for improvement, not perfection.


Alkalinize your body

Fresh water with lemon and mint

Start your day by cleansing and hydrating your body. The best way to do this is by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar. They’re both very detoxifying, balance your PH and speed up your metabolism.  If you want to boost the health benefits of the warm lemon water, you can try adding turmeric, ginger, black pepper and a dash of coconut or olive oil. The reason being is that the nutrients in turmeric can only be absorbed by the blood stream if it’s combined with a healthy fat.



You’ve probably not hydrated your body enough throughout the holidays and you’ve most likely had drinks and food which dehydrate the body and aren’t very good for your organism. That’s why you should make sure to hydrate as much as possible by drinking water, natural juices, herbal teas and eating fruits and vegetables that are water-rich. Consequently, you’ll also help your body flush out the toxins accumulated during the holidays.


Eat your greens

It’s most likely that you have not been eating as much vegetables as you should. Start including more vegetables into your diet, either through green smoothies, salads, soups or incorporated into other dishes. Green vegetables are full of vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals. They’ll help you detox your organism and they’ll be providing essential nutrients for optimum health.


Ditch refined sugar

Did you indulge a little bit too much on the desserts and ice creams? Then it’s time to give your body a break from refined sugar. It’ll make a difference on your blood sugar levels, energy levels, overall mood, as well as on your waistline. If you find it hard to cut it out completely at first, try substituting normal sugar with healthier alternatives like fresh or dried fruits, dates, and rice malt syrup. Whenever you’re craving something sweet, try having a herbal tea. It’ll help fighting the cravings.


Substitute refined carbs with complex carbs and legumes

Oat flakes, seeds and bran

It’s time to trade the bread, pastas, pizzas and other refined carbs with healthier complex carbohydrates like quinoa, brown rice and millet. Instead of having white bread, substitute it for spelt bread. Complex carbohydrates are easier to digest, gluten-free, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and in the case of quinoa, protein-rich. They’ll make you feel fuller for longer without feeling bloated. Another way to include healthy carbohydrates in your diet is by eating legumes like chickpeas, lentils, and beans, amongst others. They are also rich in protein, iron and other vitamins and minerals.


Cook your own meals

It’s much harder to keep your healthy habits if you’re eating out constantly. Make sure to cook at home so you can make homemade meals. Not only will they be far healthier, but, it’ll probably mean that you’ll have a regular timetable which will make you stick to a healthy routine.


Get back into the rhythm

Jogger resting at beach

Get motivated to work out again. You don’t have to rush things and push your body too far if you haven’t worked out in a while. Take it at your own pace. To get motivated, why not try a new class that you’re curious to try? Make your workouts fun and maybe even do them with friends to keep you motivated and look forward to it. Working out doesn’t need to be boring. Try doing different things everyday to keep you motivated. Whether it’s going to a fun class one day, a run in the park, cycling, an at-home workout with apps like Nike Training App or Sweat with Kayla, the options are endless. It’s about getting your body moving on a daily basis and mixing it up.


If you’re lacking inspiration or motivation, we’ve created a list of healthy recipes for you to make throughout the week.



Lunch or dinner:

Cleansing herbal teas:


With our healthy guide, there’s no excuse for you to get back into shape!








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