PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation: say goodbye to facial blemishes
PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation: say goodbye to facial blemishes

PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation: say goodbye to facial blemishes

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday March 21st, 2013
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PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation is the latest therapy to eliminate facial blemishes and sun spots and rejuvenate the skin on the face and neckline, being three times more efficient than some conventional systems.

PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation: erasing facial bemishes

In our daily life we just can’t avoid overexposing ourselves to the sun, even though we shouldn’t because it is not good for our skin: spots and blemishes, pigmentation changes, dilated blood vessels, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin… they are all signs of damaged skin which not only make us look much older  but can also lead to skin cancer. In its mission to combat the aforementioned, SHA has just launched today’s most innovative treatment against aging skin and sun spots in its medical area: PhotoDynamic Rejuvenation, which is a minimally invasive therapy that gets exceptional results even after just one session.

The prestigious doctor Larissa Perezhogina recommends keeping the treated area completely out of the sun for at least 48h; the treatment should be repeated one month after the first session for the most damaged areas.

PhotoDynamic Rejuvenation Therapy was a huge scientific breakthrough for treating the most superficial types of skin cancer and pre-malignant skin lesions without having to resort to surgery. Nowadays, having realised that it eliminates precancerous lesions, favours healthier skin by improving its tone, texture and its elasticity plus the fact that it eliminates the damage done by UVA/UVB rays by stimulating the production of collagen, it is also used in aesthetics.

It is an innovative technique that combines two essential elements: the use of a photosensitive substance and intense pulsed light (IPL) irradiation.  This combination selectively eliminates the tissue that has been damaged by the sun and promotes the generation of exceptionally high levels of collagen through biochemical reactions which occur when the cream is applied on the areas affected by the atopic cells. This is why the therapy is three times as effective as conventional pulsed light.

And you, Would you like to eliminate your facial blemishes?


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