Passive exercice
Passive exercice

Passive exercice

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday November 19th, 2013

We never know the departure time from work, and often we do not have time for practice any sport or we feel tired after a long day. The passive exercise through appliances, also known as “fitness for lazy people“,  is the solution to keep in shape without any excuse.

fitness for lazy people

The results of passive exercise vary according to the diet we follow, that is why we always recommend to follow a healthy diet to be fit. However if we combine this type of exercise with a daily functional training, the results will be faster and more effective.

What is passive exercise?

The passive exercise or fitness for lazy people is one of the latest developments to reduce inches with no effort.

The passive exercise consist on stimulate the muscle by applying a microcurrent through electrodes, placed strategically in the different zones where we want to work our muscles. This type of method does not generate discomfort and besides through this kind of gymnastics, we achieve tone, get elasticity, firming, and tightening the muscles, via isometric contractions. That’s why it helps to lose weight without effort.

exercise without effort
In what zone is electromyostimulation applied?

Electrical stimulation or passive exercise, follows a process that goes from the tissues external to the most internal. Buttocks, hips, stomach, legs and arms, are some of the areas where you can apply electrotherapy.

Passive fitness and physical exercise

Currently exists in some fitness areas, electro stimulation machines that combine electro stimulation with a complete physical training. Loncego, for example, is a high-tech sports equipment that combines exercies through electrodes with a complete a training table.

A 30-minute session with electrostimulation training equate to an hour and a half of usual training.

Electromyostimulation benefits
  • The passive exercise gets increased supply of oxygen to tissues.
  • It accelerates the elimination of toxins and fluids, helping greatly to delay aging.
  • Besides with the passive exercise is achieved an increasing blood flow and the permeability of cell membranes, allowing greater absorption of liquids retained, which results in a decrease in body weight and volume.
  • With electromyostimulation it is increased body heat, generating more glandular secretion
  • The passive exercise gets an effect analgesic and sedative, acting on sensory nerves.
  • Electortherapy generates more muscle tone and increase mobility overall.
  • The passive exercise reduces cellulite levels.

The perfect exercise for lazy people! Who wants to try?


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