¿Qué lesiones tienes? Deportes aconsejados para mejorarlas

Which pains do you have? Recommended sports to get better

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday January 1st, 1970

Depending on the injuries our body suffers, we often don’t know if it’s correct to play sports or not, and in such case, which sports are suitable. Firstly, you must bear in mind that the majority of the pains or lesions are derived from sedentarism. Anywell practised physical activity  is preventive. At the same time, the incorrect practice of sports can derive in injuries or bad technique. Before leaving sports, the best thing is to consult with an expert who will analyze the technique and the load you are doing, to correct and to quantify due.

Back pain

For back pain swimming is the most recommended sport, limiting yourself to crol or backstroke styles, since they are done in neutral positions, and swimming in a linear way without forcing. Although the pilates method it is not a sport, it is also a physical suitable activity, since it strengthens what is called the “energy center” or “power house”. With its continued practice, you can not only improve the column’s health, but also eliminate pains.


Which pains do you have? Recommended sports to get better


Knee pain

For this pain we must look for low impact activities, and water is again the first step because it’s free of impacts. Proprioception, muscle-building and strength are basic to rehabilitate quickly and safely. Aqua Fitness and Aqua Running are a great options to start recovering the knees functionality. Then, you can start with the bicycle, because it will improve the muscle strength of legs.  Later on, and in a progressive way, you can do elliptical, walk rapidly and finally moderately running.






For the Achilles tendon, Aqua fitness is also recommendable. You can also do stretchings and exercises to improve mobility and strength, and little by little you can start increasing the load limit.


Which pains do you have? Recommended sports to get better



From SHA Wellness Clinic Fitness department we encourage you not to leave sports! If you have any doubts please consult an expert because he/she will we able to advise correctly.

If you have pains don’t give up, it’s just a matter of finding what’s good for you.


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