Optimal Weight Programme

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday January 27th, 2020
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Regulate your metabolism in a healthy, progressive, balanced and lasting way with our Optimal Weight programme.


  • Achieve an optimal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way, under strict medical and nutritional supervision.
  • Provide continuity to achieving your ideal weight once you return home, thanks to techniques and healthy lifestyle habits learned at SHA, to avoid a rebound effect.


7 – 14 – 21 days

Recommended for

  • Overweight and obese people looking to improve their health status.
  • People who, although not suffering from obesity or considerable overweight, want to lose a few kilos to improve their condition or physical appearance.
  • People with a body weight lower than recommended for their physical constitution, who wish to gain a few kilos to improve their appearance and general state of health.


Through the supervision and advice of our team of professionals, we seek to achieve an ideal weight, suitable for the physical constitution, metabolism and profile of the patient. We accomplish it with:

  • A food plan and personalised health plan.
  • Measurement and monitoring of weight and body composition.
  • Physical exercise with personalised individual training, including group sessions.
  • Natural therapies and hight-tech treatments sessions focused on weight reduction.
  • Lifestyle recommendations and activities that promote learning new healthy habits.

To see the full programme content, click here.


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