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Tuesday July 28th, 2015
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The eyes are the most sensitive organs of the body and we only pay attention to them when they give us problems. Nowadays, thanks to the constant technology advances it’s easier to correct and eliminate usual defects faster and more efficiently than a few decades ago and with less risks for the patient.

Ophthalmology is one medicine’s specialty that has experienced great technological achievements. The incorporation of different types of lasers and prevention of eye diseases are both big successes that made this possible.


Opthalmology Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic


The ability to adress any anomaly in advance is a essential key. That’s the reason why SHA, pioneering in the latest medical and technological advances, has created the Opthalmology Unit at SHA Wellness in collaboration with Dr.Palomares Clinic in order to not only treat eye problems, but to prevent them. Through a careful medical history helped by a team of medical ophthalmologists with high experience in the speciality, SHA’s guests can get a personalized diagnosis and treatment if necessary.



Preventive Care

The eyes are a fragile area that requires special care. That’s why we present some simple ways to keep a good care of sight.


  • Protect your eyes – Choosing sunglases with UVA filters is crucial since many eyes diseases as cataracts are the result of an inadequate protection.


  • Visit your specialist – It’s important, specially from the 40s to visit your ophthalmologist regularly to prevent certain eye diseases and detect them with time enough.


  • Healthy food – Food is very important for the proper functioning of sight. Eating a balance diet rich in fruits and vegetable: they are a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.


  • Be curious – Keep yourself informed about those diseases that may affect your sight directly or indirectly, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, etc.


  • Take a break – Avoid prolonged exposure in front of the computer or activities with a low level of light. Make pauses for 20 seconds looking at the infinity and use artificial tears to keep your eyes hydrated.


Now you know the importance eye protection, practice our tips and show a beauty and healthy sight!



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