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What is the obesity gene?

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Thursday June 16th, 2016
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Obesity and overweight are increasing among the worldwide population and represent a significant public health problem, but this is not new. It is true that the obesity gene exists, but it is not a fatality and here’s why.


Obesity and diseases

We all know that obesity causes some severe diseases as cardiovascular pathologies or diabetes… but it is also the cause of illnesses that we don’t immediately link to overweight, as Alzheimer or cirrhosis. Overweight plays an important role in a large range of serious health problems. That’s why the need to understand obesity and to limit it is just crucial.


Genes and external factors

According to regenerative medicine, obesity gene exists. In a general way, our genes are a source of incredible knowledge and allow us to know which diseases can affect us more than others. Some people have the obesity gene that predisposes them to be obese.

Although it is true that we have to take this predisposition seriously, it is not the unique factor that can cause overweight. Metabolism, behaviour, culture and socioeconomic status are other factors that play an important role when it deals with obesity.

That is why; we can have an influence on gene and on the overweight risk thanks to a good sanitary education from the childhood. It is necessary to inform the citizens about the risks of this disease and about how it can be avoided with some health basic principles.



Recommendations will be more effective if they are personalized. Indeed, they have to be adapted to the genes of every particular person but these 10 basic and easy recommendations are made for everyone:


Learning about your predispositions

It is possible to know the predispositions of anyone to different diseases with a study of the genes. SHA Wellness Clinic has its own unity of preventive and genetic medicine that purposes different genetic tests to learn more about your own genes and the associated risks.



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