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New trends in Fitness: Fun Exercising

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

Most of us start the school year with great purposes and intentions of getting fit. We visualize us going to the gym every day, running marathons at the end of the year and showing a great abdomen. Many people achieve this, but some are involved in a daily grind of work, family… And exercise routine is lagging behind in the background.

That’s the reason why today we want to introduce some new trends in fitness so you can easily fit in your busy schedule and with wich you will get the neccesary motivation to not give up halfway toward a good condition and physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise depends on the preferences of each person, so choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable. Which one do you prefer?


Pound Fit

It’s a training program in which drumming is simulated by using sticks similar to the sticks used for this instrument.

It is an intense exercise for those who love music in which you will work the static muscles and the entire lower body: legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. It has an important base in pilates, but it also includes cardio exercises.

Classes are 45 minutes long,  divided according to the songs and the different muscles to try. Between 500-900 calories can be burned each session and there aren’t suggested ages. This exercise technique claims to have a liberating effect of stress by constantly beating the sticks on the ground.

Look for it in your gym and specialized places in your city.


Core Fusion Barre

Do you remember the typical ballet classes characterized by higher ribbons and tutus? Forget about all that paraphernalia, because Barre Fusion Core is the new combination of training that joins the principles of yoga, pilates, ballet and dance to stretch and lengthen the muscles as you’ve never tried.

In a class you will work abs, back, shoulders, arms, heels, feet and plenty of exercises in the stick as stretching exercises, squats and pull-ups. It’s a training designed to help decompress the spine, stretch your muscles, tone and burn fat. Most people say they look taller and slender in a few classes!



If you are one of those who like to exercise while having fun, don’t miss Bokwa. This is a new group activity with a totally different approach that is spreading throughout the world thanks to its international choreography. There are no specific steps but it is about drawing letters and numbers with the feet while doing a cardio workout routine.

Once you try it you can’t stop practicing it. It’s an exercise for any age in which the music is combined with dozens of steps that draw L, 3, K, J…  You just have to follow the rhythm because once you known the steps you won’t need to follow the choreography of a particular teacher. Never mind if it’s practiced in the US, Taiwan, Australia, England or Spain,  Bokwa is international.

There are no limits or age. Children, adults and old people can practice it. It’s also an exercise in which peopledon’t even aware of being burning up to 1.200 calories in one class, due to the fun and the great motivation.



Tower Running

This new trend is an urban sport. It’s gaining more and more followers worldwide and is about racing up and down stairs of the tallest buildings in your city (even of the world). Now there are races that are being organized throughout Europe in buildings of more than four dozens of apartments, for example the Tower 42 in London, in which fitness as well as motivation, fat burning, strengthen the legs muscles are promoted. It also provides a good marathon preparation. 


Exercise is one of the main pillars to maintain a good physical and mental condition.
Now that you know these new trends in fitness, incorporate them into your routine and exercise having fun!


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