“Mujito”: alcohol-free mojito recipe
“Mujito”: alcohol-free mojito recipe

“Mojito”: alcohol-free mojito recipe

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Thursday November 21st, 2013
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Mujito: the best non alcoholic mojito coctkail 

What is “Mujito”?

Sweet and refreshing, non-alcoholic mojito is healthy cocktail you can make at any time of year, if you know well how to do it. Nowadays mojito is a worldwide known cocktail, and its acceptance has been so big that we can find mojitos of different flavors that give a more exotic touch to traditional mojito. 

non alcoholic mojito coctkail

As you know, a healthy eating style should avoid as far as possible alcoholic drinks. For special occasions we always recommend organic beers and organic wines of quality and, above all, try not to combine with soft drinks by the large number of added sugars containing that are really bad for health.

Therefore, in this non-alcoholic mojito recipe we have replaced the traditional rum by mu tea, one of the healthiest natural beverages there are. And that’s why we called it “Mujito”. Furthermore, we add organic tonic, one of the healthiest soft drinks, since the tonic aids digestion and tones our nervous system. 

The natural apple juice we add also improves our intestinal flora and acts as a digestive, and replacing brown sugar for agave syrup makes keep the traditional sweet taste of mojito but being much healthier.

What is Mu tea?

Mu tea is a healthy natural beverage that was developed by George Ohsawa based on oriental medicine made ​​from herbs that are used for diseases of women. It consists of a unique combination of 16 invigorating plants and wild herbs specifically chosen for activate and tone your body, especially the blood, digestion, kidneys and reproductive organs. Mu tea is a very energy drink. 

What is Mu tea recommended for?
  • Mu tea is good to avoid bone and joint disorders, bronchitis, kidney problems… 
  • Mu tea is recommended for sexual vitality, intestinal bloating, fatigue, coughing up mucus moist, and respiratory problems in general 
  • Mu tea is beneficial to avoid problems in the digestive system, as usual stomach aches 
  • Mu tea is highly recommended for avoiding problems in the female reproductive system. 
How to prepare a good Mujito
healthy alcohol-free and sugar-free mojito coctkail
  • 150ml water
  • 1 bag of Mu Tea
  • 1 Lime
  • 50ml of organic tonic
  • 50ml of natural apple juice
  • 2 tsp of agave syrup
  • 2 branches of peppermint
  • Crushed ice
  • Prepare the Mu tea with 150ml of boiling water together with the leaves of one of the branches of mint and, when ready, put in the fridge to cool.
  • Prepare an apple juice 100% natural and keep it ready
  • In a mixing glass, add the Mu tea, apple juice and organic tonic along with two tablespoons of agave syrup to sweeten
  • Gently shake Mujito cocktail, and pour over the beaker containing crushed ice.
  • Add two slices of lime.
  • Place the sprig of peppermint.
  • Place a straw
  • Enjoy our tasty, alcohol-free and healthy cocktail to sweeten any celebration or party.

Enjoy it!

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