Mindfulness by Stuart Bold

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday November 26th, 2014
Wellness & Relax

Stuart Bold is an acclaimed expert in Mindfulness, meditation, energy-based healing and psychology of happiness & wellbeing grants us an interview where to learn Mindfulness key points and the secret to become one of the most used techniques by celebs and personalities.

Are there any new techniques/updates on the techniques you use since your last visit to Sha?

Yes, the MindLife programme is an extremely powerful programme which brings together, in a structured way, many of the key components of my work including meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology and the science of conscious intent. This unique programme is focused on enhancing every single area of life – personal and professional.

Short introduction to Mindfulness (no more than 3 sentences)

Mindfulness it is about taking the ‘present moment’ focus and awareness you develop in meditation out into the world with you. A main aspect of mindfulness is based on developing a ‘way of being’ where, with careful and ongoing attention, you choose:

  • To be fully present, in each moment, moment by moment
  • To be fully aware, in each moment, of your internal processes (thoughts, emotions, sensations, feelings), your external world and how you interact with it
  • To adopt an attitude of openness, kindness and curiosity to whatever each moment brings
  • To do so without judgment and without seeking to try change anything – acknowledging the moment as it is

With practice and time this allows you greater understanding and awareness about yourself and your thoughts, and the emotions and actions which follow: allowing for freedom, calm, clarity and choice.


Which are the differences between Mindfulness and traditional meditation?

Mindfulness is the other side of the coin to meditation, with meditation being the foundation for mindfulness. Mindfulness is the day to day, moment by moment practice of a meditative mindset – specifically ‘awareness’. Mindfulness, in the form that is sweeping the world at the moment is, to some extent, a re-packaging of various aspects of mindfulness & insight meditation and meditative practices.

Who is mindfulness specially recommended for?

Mindfulness & meditation are recommended for everyone. There is literally nothing in the world that has such a vast array of benefits (physical, mental, emotional, performance, cognitive etc) AND the extensive scientific and medical evidence base to support these massive benefits. The benefits include (but go well beyond) stronger health & immune system, improved sleep, lower blood pressure, youth enhancement and anti-ageing, natural weight loss, enhanced brain power, pain management, improved relationship, greater happiness, success, self-esteem, confidence etc, etc.

Why do you think mindfulness is so “trendy” at the moment?

Partly this is due to the increasing stresses on the health & wellbeing (physical, mental & emotional) of the population (resulting from the way many people are living and working) and their need and desire to manage and improve their situation – together with the growing realisation that mindfulness & meditation offer effective tools to do this. Another aspect is the growing awareness of the huge array of benefits, the extensive evidence-base supporting these benefits and the approach of teachers such as myself, providing coaching in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth and practical way. Finally, the number of business leaders, A list celebrities, politicians, high profile individuals etc who credit meditation & mindfulness with enhancing their personal and professional lives is also driving the huge interest.


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