Merry Christmas to all!
Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all!

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday December 25th, 2012

On this special day we would like to send you our best wishes full of health, wellness and vitality.

The soul is an adventurer who comes into being to explore and experience life as it is. It has a clear and unique purpose which is to find happiness and joy in everything around you and everything that happens. When the soul comes into the physical side, it wants to glorify the life and wake up the love that brings as a seed inside. Every soul is the desire to protect that seed of love and find a place, a space where it can thrive. All forms of life, whether simple or complex, respond to a domestic sacred geometry that is unique and non-transferable. Like the snow, which is composed of tiny and beautiful crystallites, each different from the other, also the life takes different ways, expressing the limitless  diversity and abundance creative of the Universe. Metaphorically speaking, we can say that the soul is the gardener and the garden is life. The seed to plant and grow is Love and Love requires both the gardener’s care (the soul) and fertile garden nutrients (life)*.

From SHA we encourage you to use this time of feelings and good intentions to reflect and strive  “your Garden” to be as nice and cheerful as possible.

Focus on your deepest self and listen to your inner voice that says: “Let me replenish your body, your mind and your soul with My blessed presence”.

May the joy of christmas fill your heart

* Fragments from the text: “Thoughts about the soul and life” by Beate M. Schweder.


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