bioenergetic approach to health

Matter, Energy and Information: A bioenergetic Approach to health

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday December 7th, 2015

A bioenergetic Approach to health is a valuable tool for self-knowledge and health self-optimizing.
According to modern physics the reality is made by 3 main elements: matter, energy and information. 


Our field of energy, and the information that is encoded in it, allows us to approach reality from another angle. Things that we can not see but somehow perceive, something that makes us to notice the presence of another person in a room even though we do not it, or that we feel immediately comfortable or uncomfortable with a person or a place.

We all act in our energy field. Sometimes we do consciously (through yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc). However, many people have not yet discovered the energy situation, and the wonderful potential they are losing. When we become aware of the effect of our own thoughts or emotions, how certain places or people affect us, our whole perception of the world and of ourselves change. The mind opens, and we realize that we have more tools for our own welfare, we are not victims of “bad luck” or statistics on diseases.
Our physical body is sustained by an electromagnetic field. This field is the basis of everything that happens at the biological level. If this structure is balanced, so will be our physical body. If the electromagnetic field is unbalanced and this continues, the cells begin to get sick.


We usually study the matter and identify ourselves with our physical body. Sometimes we express “I have very little energy,” although we are rarely aware of our true power, our electromagnetic field. Like iron filings are organized according to the magnetic field of a magnet, our cells depend on the field of energy to maintain their health and harmony.

As long as we meet our energy field, we can access valuable information on how we are, what our strengths and our weaknesses are, where “we miss life.” We can detect early imbalances and thus, correct them in time to avoid the cells become damaged, the structure of matter.


The energy analysis allows to see how a person is operating physiologically. Depending on the type of signal that collected, there will be a piece of information or another. The objective? To Know oneself better, to learn what helps oneself feel better, be healthier, more balanced, at all levels. Health begins with proper information, that will lead to an adequate energy structure. And so, our cells remain healthy.

The energy vision of health allows us to understand that our health is in our hands, it depends on our habits, our way of life, thoughts and emotions we generate, and how (through our belief system) respond the challenges of life.

Do you find this interesting? Learn more about the Bioenergetic Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic.


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