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Massage Therapy

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday April 4th, 2013
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 Body massages at SHA

Everyone should take a massage a week“. This sentence was said by our therapist Paco Aviles in the interview we did to him. But he is not the only one who thinks so. Increasingly, therapists, doctors and experts say that massage therapy is one of the best ways to take care of our health and wellbeing, as therapeutic massages provide multiple benefits for our body and mind. In fact, the importance of therapeutic massage tailored to individual needs as directed by appropriate experts is increasing in many international medical systems.

Massage Therapy at SHA spa

The most requested massage at any spa is usually relaxing massage. The relaxing massages achieve a state of calmness and deep relax in body and mind, eliminates the contractures of our muscles and joints and promote blood circulation. The relax massage has anti stress effects as it calms nerves caused by stress and achieves greater oxygenation, in a peaceful environment using essential oils.

At SHA we have a relaxing massage with our own signature called SHA Massage. Fruit of the fusion of different oriental techniques and essential oils from the west, it producen an amazing awake of your senses.

Another famous relaxing massage at SHA spa is Hot Stone Massage. Hot Stone Massage is a warming therapy used to perform a complete and deep massage which helps release tension, relax muscles and reduce stress. It is the perfect combination of hot and cold stones and essential oils. The massage acts and creates sedative responses, producing deep relaxation in the recipient.

If you suffer from frequent headaches the best massage is craniocervical massage. Craniocervical massage release tension and allows relaxation. This massage helps to balance your mind, to release fatigue and weariness. Manual treatment using craniocervical massage aimed at freeing tension and energy blockages and promoting relaxation, producing simultaneous reactions in the rest of the body which allow us to balance our nervous system. In addition, this massage is highly recommended for pregnant women.

Which one would you choose?

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