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Masculine beauty routine: 4 simple steps to feel handsome

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday June 2nd, 2016
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The time when women were the only ones to be interested in beauty is now far away. Nowadays, a lot of men take care of themselves. Today we suggest a masculine beauty routine to those men who want to start taking care of their beauty.


  • Clean your face

Men normally have a thicker and oilier skin. So they are prone to get spots and black heads. That is why it is important to deeply clean your face with an adapted cleanser that will perfectly clean your epidermis. We advise you to wash your face before going to bed since it is during the day that dirt is accumulated on your skin.

To boost your face cleansing, you can exfoliate it, once or twice a week, to free it from dead cells. Moreover, it is perfect to prepare your skin for shaving.


  • Moisturise skin

As men usually have oily skin, it is important to use an oil-free cream that nourishes skin, and that is adapted to the specificities of your epidermis. When you choose your treatments, you have 2 options: anti-aging to delay the wrinkles and expression lines apparition or anti-wrinkles if the first signs of age have already appeared.

You can also apply an anti-dark circles cream to fight fatigue signs in the morning and an eye contour cream at night.

And don’t forget your body! Apply moisturizing body milk just after shower, when you are completely dry once or twice a week.


  • Shave carefully

We recommend you to shave just after the shower, because heat opens the pores and softens the hair. In this way, it will be easier to shave.

Use a creamy gel to protect your epidermis. Once you have finished shaving, clean your face with cold water to remove the gel rests and close the pores. After this, always use an alcohol-free and nourishing aftershave to soothe skin.


  • Don’t forget about your hair

Many men wash their hair with the same product they use to wash their bodies. This is a mistake because your hair needs special products to get protected from extern aggressions that damage it.

It is important to use shampoo and conditioner adapted to your kind of hair to clean it well and keep it healthy and bright.


Follow these few tips to see a change your skin’s health and you feel more attractive! Fore more beauty advices, enter here.


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