Macrobiotic Menu for winter

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday December 15th, 2014
Healthy nutrition

We asked our Nutrition and health counselors at SHA Wellness Clinic to help us preparing a macrobiotic menu for winter addressed to all those people who chose or are thinking about choosing a diet based on macrobiotics and don’t really know where to start. As macrobiotic diet at SHA is based on a 80-20, this menu only has 6 days so that you can have day 7 “free” to eat something different.

From here we propose the challenge of testing this weekly macrobiotic menu for 6 days and start noticing the benefits in your body.


Day 1

Miso soup with sprouts
Azukis stew with pumpkin and kombu.
Brown rice with gomasio and press cabbage salad with olive oil and lemon.



Day 2

Cream of zucchini and peas with mint.
Buckwheat casserole with leeks and shitake.
Grilled Seitan with green salad and mustard vinaigrette.




Day 3

Kinpira soup with carrot, onion, seitan and ginger.
Fried balls of rice and peas, accompanied by watercress and lettuce.
Carrots and broccoli boiled with miso sauce, tahini and orange.





Day 4

Miso soup with diced tofu.
Black soy Ceviche with onion and cilantro.
Quinoa with nuts and pressed coleslaw, cucumber, radish and carrot.





Day 5

Fennel cream.
Millet burger and baked white fish.
Green salad with oil and lemon,  cabbage, broccoli and carrot blanched with tofu dressing.




Day 6

Parsnip cream with basil.
Red lentil casserole with arame seaweed, accompanied by brown rice with sauteedvegetables.
Green leaves of Chinese cabbage blanched and seasoned with rice vinegar.





For dessert we can take kukicha healthy tea with sweets like apple compote with raisins, chestnut cream, chocolate mousse (without sugar), coffee mouse (without coffee), steamed pears with carob sauce, baked apples …

We would love to know who is pointing to this challenge and what are the results.

Happy week everyone!





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