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Look younger with Kobido facial massage!

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday January 19th, 2016
Natural therapies

Would you like to look younger? Do you feel like having a facelift but you are still reluctant? Esthetic surgery fears you a bit? The Kobido facial massage is what you need. Indeed, this Japanese technique produces a natural lifting effect without using any invasive method and without having an operation.


Kobido word means “former path to beauty” and its roots can be found in Chinese traditional medicine. However, Kobido facial massage was really born years later in Japan, where samurais used to give themselves face massages to calm down their mind after intense battles. An empress realized one day that this massage gave them a brightening aspect and kept the idea for her. Even if we are not sure that this story is 100% true,  Kobido facial massage is known since then as the empresses’ massage.


This technique lies in a mix of fast and slow hands’ movements to improve the deep circulation of the face, neck and upper chest part. To massage with different speed levels is essential since it permits to destroy dead cells and to foment elastin and collagen production, both so useful for our skin health. Like that, it is possible to obtain a real rejuvenation effect: wrinkles are smoothed, volumes are restored and of course, skin is brighter. After the first session, you already can see some results which increase in the medium and long-term.


Looking few years younger is not the unique benefit that Kobido facial massage can provide. It has other beneficial powers for the health:

  • Fights stress
  • Provides a complete relaxation and wellness
  • Reduces bruxism effects
  • Relieves headaches
  • Avoids facial rigidity
  • Decreases some digestive system problems
  • Improves the eyesight


SHA is receiving a Kobido facial massage Visiting Master from the 25th to the 31st of January,  Natacha de Cortabitarte, therapist and former pupil of Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, a Kobido master in Japan. If you would like to know more about this practice, this is the perfect occasion!


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