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For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday September 6th, 2016

Those who know SHA in depth and the story behind it, know the importance that the organization gives and has always given to food as a base for a healthy life. Our main goal has always been to improve society from the field of health and our desire to continually have a contribution has finally been able to shape a new and ambitious personal project, SHA Foundation.


SHA foundation aims to investigate, promote and educate about the close relationship between nutrition and health. Considering the serious food problems that humanity suffers, either by deficiencies, excesses or consumption of unsuitable products or undesirable side effects and its major consequence on the health of the population, the SHA Foundation aims to contribute to the best of its ability to the study and research of the knowledge required for an adequate nutrition. As a result, have a positive impact on the health of society.


The first project of the SHA foundation is the publication of “The SHA Recipes to live longer and better”, a book that gathers the principles of healthy nutrition and a collection of therapeutic recipes that are both attractive and delicious and where the author’s benefits will be destined to the foundation.


“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Inspired by this ethos, and convinced that nutrition plays a vital role in our physical and mental heal, “The SHA recipes to live longer and better” provides the guidelines for a balanced and complete diet that in turn improves and enhances vitality, wellness and the self-healing ability of the body, whilst also delaying the aging process.


The first book edited by SHA is much more than a recipe book; it’s a valuable and practical tool for healthy, natural and energetic nutrition that allows the body to reach an optimum state of health and vitality, and as a result, maintain a healthy weight without having to deprive oneself from delicious food.


The purpose of this book is that everyone can benefit from SHA’s methodology, not only those who have had the chance to visit SHA Wellness Clinic.


The pages of this book are filled with a selection of our most popular recipes, carefully curated by our team of experts in nutrition and our chefs, based on the most recent studies carried out by the most prestigious universities in the world.



A beautifully crafted format that gathers delicious recipes ranging from starters, main courses, desserts, drinks and juices, in addition to recipes which are specifically targeted at detoxifying the body, lowering cholesterol, weight-loss and increasing energy.


We are very pleased to share this valuable tool that will help you achieve the best version of yourself and that you can purchase from today onwards through SHA Boutique, Amazon as well as other sale points.

Find out for yourself how healthy nutrition can also be attractive and delicious!



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