Legs workout
Legs workout

Legs workout

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday May 6th, 2014
Easy exercises for great legs

Summer is near and we all want to know how to have perfect legs. Our personal trainer Elisabeth Briegas has prepared this simple Exercises and routines to get perfect legs to get you started right now to get those great legs!

Exercise 1:

Starting position:
Lying face down legs and arms outstretched and legs and heels together
Contracting gluteus, legs and back, raise legs and arms without flexing both joints

Exercise 2:

Starting position:

Side lying and elbows bent at the shoulder height position.
Action: Elevate  hip with the leg beneath and make short elevations and descents with the leg is up


Exercise 3:

Starting position:
Standing upright, moving one leg to the back and supporting only with the tiptoe.
Elevate and descent the the back knee without support of he heel on the floor.

Exercise 4:

Starting position: open legs to shoulder height with tiptoe out.
Action: stand the Hip down and back (knees shouldn’t pass your toes). Leave the body weight to one leg raising the opposite leg as much as possible. Come back to center sit and then perform the same action with the other leg. Continue this movement changing leg to leg.

Exercise 5:

Starting position:
Leaning against the wall, touching the wall vertebra to vertebra. Heels together, toes open and gluteus contracted.
Knee flexion performing a descent of hip, raising heels and stretch knees. Contracting your gluteus all time.



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