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Introduction to meditation

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday February 16th, 2015
Wellness & Relax

Living is an act that continuously surprises me for its greatness. However, how many times do we feel pushed by life, as if it crushed us? It’s hard sometimes to live with vitality and positivism: I think we all know that feeling.

If we keep these feelings for a long time stress and anxiety will finally show up with symptoms like insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite (at every level), anxiety when eating, headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain, etc. The mood is also affected and routine becomes a mechanical act of survival.

We sometimes relate quietness and silence with lack of life, with not doing things and we think that if we don’t do many things and make efforts, it’s worthless. Quietness and silence are qualities to be developed. To accept the moment without fight, living it with no manipulation, nor getting stuck with it or running away from it.

We have the idea that stopping means loss, when stopping is actually and act of responsibility. Sometimes the healthiest and most intelligent act is to stop and take perspective for the proper development of any activity.

Be generous with yourself, invest in you and take a moment to stop. Meditation invites us to stop, that’s why I’d like to invite you to try these four easy steps to a first contact with meditation:


  1. Let’s take a minute and look for a quite place.
  2. Sit down, look for verticality and stop every external body movement, remaining really quiet.
  3. Close the eyes and look inside. Stop feeling the body little by little and open the senses. Let’s get back to present, the only place where life happens.
  4. To end up, we pay attention to breathing feeling the movement it generates in our body. Breathe in and feel the movement of the air through the stomach, chest and diaphragm. Expire and feel the air moving the diaphragm, ribs and chest… When the contact with breathing is lost, observe where did the attention go and get back to breathing.

Meditation is simply a friendly consciousness, not judicious with the vicissitudes of life.


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