Intravenous vitamin C megadose: all its benefits

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday August 28th, 2020
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Vitamin C is essential for our body because it strengthens the immune system, among other things, but many times it is not enough with a good diet or a healthy lifestyle. That is where a reinforcement becomes vital, and the mega-dose of vitamin C appears as a vanguard therapy and of election by its extraordinary capacity to modulate the inflammation, to regulate the oxidative stress and to protect against the virus.

The optimal maintenance dose is considered to be 1000 mg/day of vitamin C. But, for example, in the case of immunosuppressed or chronic and degenerative pathologies several grams per day are necessary.

Bad habits also are also damaging. A single cigarette requires 40 mg of vitamin C to neutralize toxins. A case of light stress consumes about 200 mg, but severe stress can require up to 20 grams of vitamin C. Meanwhile, in a picture of adrenal fatigue we must talk about mega-doses in terms of requirements of this nutrient.

“The sub deficiencies are widespread in those situations in which the necessities are increased, like for example in old people, pregnant women, prolonged hospital admissions, surgical interventions, in chronic stress, smokers, excess of alcohol, habitual consumers of drugs… And also when we live in very contaminated environments, and we adopt carnivorous diets poor in vegetables”, warns Dr Rosario García, expert in Biological Medicine and Antiaging of SHA Wellness Clinic.

Slow intravenous infusion at higher doses

To alleviate the considerable deficiencies of vitamin C, it is necessary to find appropriate therapies. And more so when they become especially alarming, for whatever reason.

The therapy of mega doses of vitamin C is presented as a terrific option. “It consists of slow intravenous infusion of vitamin C at doses well above the recommended daily amount. Evidence suggests that it contributes to modulating inflammation, regulating oxidative stress, and also demonstrates a powerful antiviral action,” explains Dr Rosario Garcia.

This therapy increases the effectiveness of the immune system and enhances immunocompetence, the ability of immune cells to destroy tumour cells. It offers protection against carcinogens and toxic substances by cleansing the matrix structures.

A mega-dose with energising power

If we administer it in association with vitamin B5, we obtain a preventive effect against the exhaustion of adrenaline and cortisol production or adrenal fatigue. “In the case of fatigue, these are nutrients that enhance recovery. It has a great energizing effect”, adds Dr Rosario Garcia.

It has been shown that intravenous vitamin C mega-dose is extremely useful to combat viral infections and for cases of nicotine exposure and drug toxicity. Also, in chronic stress and adrenal fatigue, in addition to osteoporosis and immunosuppressed patients or those with chronic degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

“It also favours the elimination of heavy metals and in general toxic substances that promote the dysregulation of the extracellular matrix, while offering a powerful détox effect of environmental toxins or food additives, reducing the toxicity of all these agents,” stresses the expert of SHA Wellness Clinic.

Anti-ageing therapy and SHA

Vitamin C is a crucial micronutrient at the cellular and molecular level. It has been proven that with age, the effectiveness of the mechanisms for its cellular absorption decreases. “Therefore, maximizing its level in the blood, especially in older adults, can protect against oxidative damage at the cellular level,” says Dr Rosario Garcia.

Its application can have a significant preventive and therapeutic value in numerous pathologies, including infections, chronic degenerative diseases and early ageing, improving health and well-being.

Intravenous vitamin C mega-dose is one of the therapeutic novelties of SHA Wellness Clinic. Its application improves health and well-being.


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