Intravenous laser therapy, the breakthrough revitalisation

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Sunday June 14th, 2020
Natural therapies

In recent years, intravenous laser therapy has become the treatment of choice due to its revitalising effects, its action against pain and its lack of side effects, among other because these are vital times for improving energy and strengthening the immune system. As an innovative therapeutic method, intravenous laser therapy works by applying laser light directly into the bloodstream. It is performed through an optical fibre that we introduce into the vascular light through a special catheter.

We apply four different wavelengths, each with different biological effects. The combination of these different wavelengths (red, yellow, green and blue) allows us to adapt the therapy in a personalized way“, explains Dr Rosario Garcia, expert in Biological and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Different studies have shown that laser light stimulates blood cells due to the activation by photons of photosensitive receptors present at an intracellular level, triggering numerous positive biological effects.

This therapy provides energy, strength and endurance, reduces pain and inflammation, and significantly improves overall performance, sleep and waking behaviour and mood,” explains Dr Rosario Garcia.

The influence of bad habits on our vitality

Our lifestyles, which are usually so harmful, have a straightforward influence on very negative factors for health and vitality through aspects such as stress, poor diet, lack of sleep or sedentarism.

It is inevitable to feel some degree of stress, even necessary in certain situations. But too much stress can be dangerous to health as it can permanently alter the functions of many systems in the body. For example, the immune system’s ability to respond to infection. On the other hand, it also leads to an increase in unhealthy behaviours, such as smoking or alcohol consumption, and decreases the initiation of healthy habits,” says Dr Rosario Garcia.

Food is one of the essential elements of quality of life. Bad habits – including lack of fixed schedules, excess salt, fats and sugars – encourage the development of endocrine-metabolic disorders. “The abuse of fast and processed foods is a widespread practice“, regrets the specialist at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Activation and rest: the keys to escape from sedentariness

Rest becomes a critical element of our well-being. “Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep influences our health and in particular gastrointestinal disorders, loss of appetite, cardiovascular disorders or mental disorders,” says Dr Rosario Garcia.
Likewise, new habits of immersion in easily accessible screens (mobiles, tablets, etc.) that accompany us to bed do not allow a smooth transition between wakefulness and sleep and are responsible for the reduction in the number of hours of sleep.

Sedentary lifestyles are associated with unhealthy food consumption and lack of physical exercise. This leads to reduced oxygenation of the organs, diminishing their functionality, and to metabolic disorders that end up reducing life expectancy. The lack of physical activity contributes to the increase of body fat, deteriorates self-perception and generates psychological discomfort,” summarizes Dr Rosario Garcia.

A healthy diet, exercise and relaxation: routines we should incorporate

A healthy and balanced diet is the first factor that contributes to improving physical and mental health. “In addition, we must regularize consumption habits by always eating at the same time, sitting down, without rushing and chewing our food sufficiently”, recommends Dr Rosario García.

The second point would be to increase our level of physical activity to make the heart work and keep the joints and physical tone in shape. A short walk home after the workday can also help us relax the body, especially if our work requires us to sit or stand for many hours.

“Also, it is advisable to include a 20-30 minute exercise routine three to five days a week,” suggests the SHA Wellness Clinic specialist.

And, of course, it’s essential to relax and rest the body. We must disconnect inside and outside once our work is done.
Disconnecting from the inside allows us to take our mental energy to other levels and facets of our personal life. To disconnect from the outside means not to continue working outside the work. Just as we don’t take our homework to work, we shouldn’t take our work home with us. It is essential to separate times and places, to distinguish between business and leisure moments“, observes Dr Rosario García.

It is essential to manage personal time off. Organise our own space, our schedule, time … And not leave things for the last minute. And the same goes for the night’s rest: sleep from 7 to 9 hours a night, do not use electronic devices at least 30 minutes before going to sleep, turn off the wifi before going to bed, sleep in a dark room free of distractions, and avoid the use of the mobile phone so as not to interrupt sleep.



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