Intestinal ozone therapy for your digestive health

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Thursday March 11th, 2021
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Intestinal ozone therapy, a proven and safe therapy for your digestive health

The use of ozone therapy in clinical settings is becoming increasingly widespread due to its clear benefits and its rectal application not only promotes better health for your intestine but is also safe and with almost no adverse effects.

Ozone therapy, especially rectal insufflation treatments, is highly beneficial. The flow of ozone gas applied to the gut is converted into oxygen, eliminates free radicals and is enormously effective against pathogenic microbes, promoting a healthy microbiota that thrives in an oxygen-rich environment.

“As has been demonstrated, it is a very effective therapeutic supplement that can prevent the onset of degenerative, infectious and metabolic diseases or favourably influence their evolution”, explains Dr. Rosario García, expert in Biological Medicine and Coordinator of the Revitalising Medicine Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic.


Decreases toxins and boosts the immune system

Like other forms of ozone therapy, rectal insufflation has been shown to be a valuable addition to clinical practice by treating the root of the problem, providing complete relief rather than temporary relief from symptoms.

Rectal insufflation is a safe and effective treatment that offers many health benefits. Some of the most important are:

  • It decreases toxins that may exist in the intestine.
  • It strengthens the immune system and the response to external aggressions.
  • It eliminates bacteria, parasites, viruses and yeasts.
  • It restores intestinal functions, restoring them to an optimal state.
  • It reduces chronic inflammation throughout the body.

“There are several forms of therapeutic application of ozone and rectal insufflation and ozone/oxygen is one of the oldest applications of ozone therapy. It is simple and practically free of adverse effects if the doses used are correct”, explains Dr Rosario Garcia.

Treatments are carried out with the help of an exceptionally fine cannula that is inserted into the patient’s rectum through which the oxygen/ozone mixture is very gradually insufflated.

“The procedure takes about 15 minutes and is very well tolerated. The patient can return to normal activity post-procedure”, emphasises the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.


Oxygen for our cells and microbiota balance

Intestinal ozone therapy improves the general and local oxygen supply. “At the local level, this restores cellular oxidation and, as a consequence, normalises microcirculation, stimulating the regeneration of the intestinal epithelium and improving local immunity”, insists Dr Rosario García.

It targets pathogenic micro-organisms without producing harmful effects on the intestinal microflora, thus contributing to the normalisation of the microbial balance.

“It is used as a local anti-inflammatory and disinfectant, as well as to retore the microbial balance in the intestine altered by pathogenic micro-organisms. It is therefore recommended for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, candidiasis, dysbacteriosis, etc. It is also remarkably effective in case of liver problems, constipation, haemorrhoids and fistulas”, adds the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.

On the other hand, it is also applied as an alternative to intravenous ozone therapy when the latter is difficult to perform, as it is rapidly absorbed by the lymphatic pathway and venous capillaries and has a generalised metabolic and immunomodulatory impact.

Rectal insufflation is a greatly beneficial form of ozone therapy for those suffering from pathologies related to the intestine, colon or liver. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other ozone therapies within a specific personalised treatment plan and forms part of the SHA Wellness Clinic’s Digestive Health Focused Pack.


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