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Interview to the iridologist Jennifer Thompson

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday February 29th, 2016
Health & Beauty

Jennifer Thompson is a specialist in iridology, a science which studies the eyes. She was at SHA some months ago as a Visiting Master and will be back soon to share all the benefits of this method with our guests. In this interview, she talks deeply about her job and explains why it can be beneficial for our health.


What is iridology?

Iridology is the science of the iris of the eye. The eye is connected to the central nervious system by the optic nerve. So, it gets informacion in real time about what is occurring in our body at the same time than the brain. If brain is like a hard drive, eyes are like folders of files and the information they contain is your health.


Where does you interest in iridology come from?

I was sick for two years and a half and doctors didn’t know why. I was desperate and I went to an iridologist who adviced me to quit some food from my diet. This revealed the cause of my disease: an intolerance to chimical addictives in food. After that, I decided that I wanted to learn more about this science, to share it with the others. In iridology, we focus on the entire body system, on every organ, blood circulation, lifestyle, lesions, stress, city and country where you live and herbs and food to reach an excellent health.


Is iridology reliable?

After having worked with more than 4.000 clients from a lot of different nationalities, I affirm that it is reliable. Sometimes, I could support with my analyses other medical tests, like a skin moles examen or analyse of calcified deposit in breasts or a biopsy.

You can’t diagnose diseases through the iris?

Legally, only a doctor can “diagnose” a disease. In iridology, we just evaluate the health in general and its weak and strong points based on the color, color variations, pigmentation, iris fibres, pupil size…


What can you learn through iris fibres and color?

Thanks to the structure of the fibres, we could know the weaknesses that someone will have. One fibre structure shows that the hormonal gland is inestable; other shows how are the joints and bones; other shows the stress level and if it affects the health considering minerals lost. From the eye color we can determinate general characteristics, like if the person suffers blood circulation problems, if he/she tends to asthma, arthritis, if he/she is sensitive to fried food or warm oils, to cafein,… among other things.


To know what your eyes can reveal about your health, meet Jennifer Thompson from the 17th to the 30th of may in SHA Wellness Clinic during one of her consultations.


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