INDIBA: The new treatment against flaccidity
INDIBA: The new treatment against flaccidity

INDIBA: The new treatment against flaccidity

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday November 29th, 2012
Health & Beauty

Hi all! Today we would like to speak about the latest and revolutionary treatment against flaccidity we have just incorporated at SHA: Indiba. Indiba is a new radiofrequency equipment that uses the latest technology in electrotherapy to help professionals in the fields of health and aesthetic medicine.

Treatments against flaccidity through RF technology

Many clinical articles and research studies attest its efficacy, safety and scope of its innovative RF technology. In fact, Indiba was the first company capable of integrating energy emissions capacitive and resistive in one system (CRET System) in order to optimize the treatment with radiofrequency and its effectiveness.

Indiba device only can be used by experts

In the field of non-invasive aesthetic medicine, Indiba Deep Beauty is supposed to be the first skin regenerator through electrical transfer, becoming the only technology that optimizes the ion exchange and balances the electrical potential of the tissues, subjecting them to actions that are both surface (capacitive energy) and deep (resistive energy). It enhances the beauty of our skin from within, smoothing, regenerating, firming and eliminating the flaccidity from inside.

How to remove the flaccidity

This Proionic system within tissues combines both capacitive and resistive energy at a frequency of 448 kHz, so you can see results from the first session (the number of sessions depends on the patient and his goals, but we recommend a minimum of 3 or 4 consecutives sessions of 50 minutes, doing at least one per day).

The system increases the cells temperature artificially so that the cells get more oxygen and nutrients and use them to regenerate the tissues thanks to the effect produced by the ion concentration in the cell membrane. In fact, Indiba is the only technology currently available which frequency is exclusively suitable for mobilizing the ions through the cell membrane.

Thereby, with this single treatment your skin obtains three important benefits thanks to the combination of different energies and temperatures: Biostimulation (activation of the metabolism, collagen and fibroblasts) + Microcirculation (increase of metabolism, blood flow and drainage) + hyperactivation (tissue detoxification, fat removing and collagen regeneration).

Treatment to remove the sagging

The treatment can be applied to men and women, both on the face and body, depending on your purpose: rejuvenating the face, smoothing wrinkles, revitalizing skin, reducing cellulite, firming chest, and so on. You can also eliminate the sagging in the arms and even it helps in reducing dark circles and eye bags.

The device works with a conductive cream specially designed for this Proionic System, improving the treatment efficacy, and the professionals who do it are trained specifically. Moreover, the application is nice, relaxing and comforting, providing at all times a wellness feeling.


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