Mejora tu salud con la Medicina Genética

Improve your health with Genetic Medicine

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday February 16th, 2017
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When it comes to preventing and reducing the risk of suffering chronic diseases, it is necessary to carry out certain studies that can help us get a deeper understanding of our health, to personalize our diet, avoid chronic and inflammatory diseases or any disease related to an unhealthy diet for that matter.

At SHA Wellness Clinic we dispose of a Genetic Medicine unit that allows us to study the different genetic alterations that condition our metabolism. These genetic tests provide very useful information that can help us strengthen our health and wellbeing and prevent certain illnesses that we are predisposed to genetically.

We carry out a series of tests, the most popular one being the SHAVIP test that offers a wide and detailed feedback of the nutritional guidelines and natural supplements you should include in your diet with the aim of achieving an improved state of health. This study allows us to get a deeper understanding of our metabolism, enzyme deficit, antioxidant deficit, exposure to external factors harming our DNA and the tendency of producing free radicals and oxidative stress. Another benefit of genetic tests, aside from all the useful information they provide to improve our health, is that you only need to do it once in your life.

Nowadays, there’s an increasing interest in health prevention and improvement. One of our main objectives at SHA is to prolong the wellbeing of those who visit us so that when they return to their homes, they are able to continue taking care of their health.

Discover our Genetic and Preventative Medicine unit at SHA.


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