Immun’Âge®: The benefits of fermented papaya
Immun’Âge®: The benefits of fermented papaya

Fermented Papaya, the “fruit of good health” and its health benefits

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Tuesday December 4th, 2012
Healthy nutrition

Papaya is a very healthy and nutritious tropical fruit. In fact, it is known as “fruit of good health” by the native peoples of Latin America. It provides antioxidants, natural fiber, folic acid and multi vitamins, among other nutrients. The benefits of papaya are many: it is good for skin health, reduces cholesterol, helps combat constipation, strengthens the immune system, and so on.

Benefits of fermented papaya: Immunage

However, we don’t eat papaya frequently. Therefore, from SHA we propose taking it in a particular form: ingesting Immun’Âge®, a soluble solution with naturally fermented papaya, that further enhances the beneficial properties of this fruit and helps us even more to keep fit and fight cellular aging caused by free radicals. The fermented papaya contains, in fact, ripe fruit and the skin, because at this stage of ripening papaya enzymes develop their full and active properties. It is made by fermentation of ripe pulp of Carica Papaya Linn with yeast. The fermented papaya is prepared with pulp, seeds, skin and leaves, that contain all active ingredients of the plant.

Immun’Âge® is a Japanese dietary supplement, obtained from Carica Papaya undergone a technological advanced bio-fermentation for 10 months, a unique patented product that gives the best antioxidant qualities. Thanks to this long process of biofermentation it obtains new components which are not limited to act as “cleansers” of free radicals, but also optimize the functions of endogenous antioxidants in the body, protecting cell membranes and DNA against oxidative stress.

Immun’Âge®: The benefits of fermented papaya

Immun’Âge®: The benefits of fermented papaya

Immun’Âge® intake steadily and appellant (two-month cycles, 1 dode of 3g per day) can face forward with vitality and the hectic pace of everyday life; Immun’Âge® is known for being a good tonic for the body and mind, and this has led to its growing popularity.

Luc Montagnier is one of tha main researchers of fermented papayaThe Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008 Luc Montagnier, who visited SHA in June 2012, is one of the principal investigators of fermented papaya and its contribution to our body’s defenses. The papaya fruit is one of the world’s richest fruits in antioxidants, especially in its variety gingko. In the 1945 nuclear attack in Hiroshima, nearly everything in a radius of 100km was devastated. Luc Montagnier tells how a Gingko tree located 500m from  the atomic bomb location survived the effects of the neutron bomb. According to Dr. Montagnier, this is due to the large amount of antioxidants that this variety of papaya has and its benefits.

“Although we do not realize the stress we are subjected to daily affects in our body, the future of the drug is to be more preventitive than curative, a concept rooted in the East for centuries. To do this, nothing like enrich our diet with foods that have defensive properties”, says the Doctor.

Almost anyone can take Immun’Âge®, although it is best to be a nutritionist who prescribes it after assessing the needs of each person. It is especially suitable for people exposed to high levels of stress at work, eldery people who are beginning to feel the weight of years, those with memory difficulties or suffering from chronic fatigue, and for anyone looking to implement a flu prevention program. In fact even children can take it, especially during sensitive periods such as seasonal changes and the start of school.

The many positive testimonials we receive each day confirm its effectiveness. And also Immun’Âge® has no contraindications or drug interactions.

Would you like to try it?

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