Human Tecar: action for pain, energy and fitness performance

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Monday September 14th, 2020
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Human Tecar is a before and after in the world of physical therapy. Its application offers high effectiveness in improving fitness performance, but it is also used to treat pain, revitalise the energy of our organism and overcome pelvic floor problems, among others.

The Human Tecar method, and more specifically its version 2.0., is one of our therapeutic innovations after proving its usefulness in many areas thanks to the combination of vanguard technology, advanced manual techniques and the use of functional cosmetic products.

All these synergies allow the reactivation of physiological processes and rebalance systems most naturally to restore full functionality.

The treatment of pain: radiofrequency with analgesic action

As a therapeutic alternative to treat pain, the Human Tecar method is used in several areas. “With the HCR-1002 radiofrequency technology, we provoke drastic analgesic action which occurs by acting on the receptors of the nerve endings and activating the microcirculation that reduces the pain“, explains José Luis Tabueñas, physiotherapist of SHA Wellness Clinic.

Also, with SYNERGY VISS technology of focal vibration by the sound wave, it acts on the mechano-receptors, housed in the muscle and tendon tissue, and inserted in the exchange of information between the peripheral and central nervous system.

The third field of action is the restoration of neuromuscular balance and muscle tone until the causes of pain are reduced,” adds José Luis Tabueña.

Improved energy and circulation

The reactivation of our organism is vital, and Human Tecar contributes decisively through a deep and vigorous stimulation that is careful not to excite the nerve endings related to pain.

Human Tecar acts on the microcirculation of blood and lymph; that is, it starts with the deepest vascular district, restarting the tissue metabolism,” describes José Luis Tabueña.

The results obtained are structural: the dermis and hypodermis are gently restructured. “The skin tissue recovers a homogeneous surface and plasticity, as each anatomical component of the affected tissue has been placed in a condition to carry out its function correctly, and its proper metabolism has been restored“, adds the expert.

The effectiveness of the method on the nodules is due to the direct concentration of action on them: by breaking the abnormal molecular bonds, their stretching effect on the skin surface is loosened and the skin becomes smoother and more uniform.

Pelvic floor problems? There is a solution.

Many women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, and this problem makes their quality of life difficult and disruptive. One in ten women will have a pelvic floor dysfunction of such importance as to require corrective surgery.

Currently, with Human Tecar’s high-frequency technology we can help in the treatment of pelvic floor pathologies and thus allow us to work on deep and superficial tissues without pain and without the need to act in an intracavitary way,” says José Luis Tabueña.

Some examples of pelvic floor dysfunctions associated with incontinence that can be treated with Human Tecar are: urinary incontinence (involuntary loss of urine), stress urinary incontinence (caused by increased abdominal pressure when coughing, laughing, running, walking, etc.), urge urinary incontinence (due to involuntary contraction of the bladder detrusor), mixed urinary incontinence (associated with both urge and stress) and anal incontinence.

On the other hand, Human Tecar is also used to combat constipation, chronic pelvic pain, scars or adhesions and to recover functionality after childbirth.

Sports performance: the beginning of everything

The world of sports was the area in which Human Tecar obtained its first great results, allowing thousands of injured athletes to resume competition in a concise time.

Sometimes, even a minor injury can affect long and intensive training programs to prepare for a competition or challenge, when the injury could be quickly resolved with our support as long as it is not a biomechanical problem,” says José Luis Tabueña.

Also, Human Tecar can help prevent injuries by making athletes more responsive to training protocols. For this reason, coaches are increasingly accompanied by specialised medical personnel.

It is fundamental both in injury prevention and in return to training or competition, as well as helping in the re-adaptation to the physical activity,” summarises the expert.


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