How we use artificial intelligence at SHA to improve our guests’ experience

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday October 14th, 2022
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This innovative technology allows us to deliver a high degree of personalisation both in the preparation of the schedule and in the recommended treatments.

Artificial intelligence is still science fiction for the vast majority of society, but the truth is that it is fully integrated into everyday reality. Mobile phones, voice assistants and the GPS we use every day are just a few examples of intelligent machines that evidence how computer science is already part of our way of life.

Although the theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence date back to the logic and algorithms of ancient Greece, it was not until the mid-20th century that the full practical potential of AI started to be developed. In 1950, London mathematician and philosopher Alan Turing published his landmark article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, which asked the question: “Can machines think?” AI has evolved exponentially ever since.

At SHA Wellness Clinic we are always on the lookout for new technologies and their possible applications, both in the medical and therapeutic fields and in clinic management and administration. To that end, we have developed our own algorithms that allow us to identify our guests’ preferences, making it possible to personalise their schedules to the maximum and enhance their health goals.

Machine learning analyses different factors, such as favourite, recommended, contraindicated or unwanted services, the areas and sub-areas of the SHA Method that the guest is interested or uninterested in, the treatment history or the new developments that have occurred since their last visit. With all this information, the system suggests the treatments that best suit the profile, tastes and real needs of each guest, prioritising those with the highest number of matches and checking whether or not they are already scheduled and their availability.

In addition, and always aiming for maximum guest comfort and well-being, we use artificial intelligence to assign the professionals of the SHA Care Team, such as the Personal Agenda Planner and the Guest Service Agent. The system takes into account the guest’s profile and history and awards points to each professional based on the percentage of overlapping days during their stay, the languages they speak or if the professional is categorised as Optimal Performance, and automatically assigns the one that best fits the guest’s profile.

Finally, we also use AI to boost guest health outcomes. We have developed an algorithm that, based on length of stay and preset average consumptions, indicates whether or not the guest is receiving the services that will help them meet each of the eight sub-areas of the SHA Method. The system makes recommendations and suggestions to improve their performance and a projection of the health goals the guest wants to achieve by the end of their stay.


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