How Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat infertility

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday November 23rd, 2017
Natural therapies

Eva Escorihuela- Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Eva Escorihuela- Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The head of the Traditional Chinese Medicine unit at SHA Wellness Clinic shares the incredible benefits of TCM and how it can treat infertility and hormonal dysfunctions.


"Traditional Chinese Medicine is a natural option to treat both female and male infertility".

Acupuncture is one of the many techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that, as opposed to Western Medicine, takes into account both the physical and emotional state of health. It’s able to treat a wide array of symptoms, illnesses and health problems, one of them being infertility issues. TCM can be very effective for couples that suffer from some kind of functional problem when it comes to trying to conceive, like for example, irregular ovulations and imbalanced hormones. Therefore, we can look towards MTC as a natural option to treat both female and male infertility, either by opting for natural therapies on their own, or combining them with assisted reproduction methods.

The benefits you can obtain through MTC are:

  1. Strengthen the organs affected by reproduction, mainly the kidneys, the spleen and the liver.
  2. Improve and regulate the blood flow and energy to nourish the body correctly, emphasizing the female reproductive system.
  3. Normalise the female menstrual cycle.
  4. Balance emotional levels in order to avoid them from having a negative effect.
  5. Improve the quantity, quality and mobility of the spermatozoids.

In order to achieve balance in the ovaries and uterus, the kidneys, liver and heart must also be in balance, since the energy of these internal organs are strongly linked to reproduction. Energetic imbalance affects the hormonal state and overall health of a woman.

In some occasions, hormonal health problems are the results of small imbalances of the endocrine system, altering the way in which the body produces hormones. Furthermore, hormonal analysis can detect the amount of hormones in the blood, however, it can’t always foresee whether they are carrying out their function correctly.

Understanding the cause of infertility, or difficulties conceiving, is crucial in order to find a solution to it. The best therapies we recommend to do this are Acupuncture (the insertion of small needles in precise pressure points in the body), Moxibustion (local application of heat) and Pharmacopoeia (use of phytotherapy and nutrition). With these treatments, we are able to treat insufficiency and get rid of excesses or blockages, guiding the body through harmony and balance the organism.



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