How to Relieve Headaches Through Acupressure

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday March 10th, 2022
Natural therapies
This natural therapy, practised for thousands of years, uses finger pressure to bypass energy blockages and balance the flow of Qi.

The therapeutic principles of traditional Chinese medicine are based on the concept of vital energy, or Qi, an essential force that flows through the body through a system of channels (meridians) that form a structured electronic circuit. As Philippa Harvey, TCM specialist at SHA Wellness Clinic tells us, ‘A balanced movement of Qi has the power to strengthen, energise and heal the body, while an excess or deficiency can affect overall health’.

Acupressure is a massage technique that has been practised for millennia, using mainly the fingers, but also the hands, knuckles, elbows and other elements, to exert pressure on specific points, which coincide with acupuncture points, with the aim of mobilising Qi to avoid energy blockages and allow it to flow correctly. This is why, after a session, it is very common to experience a great sense of relief, relaxation and increased energy.

As Philippa explains, ‘Headaches are a symptom that can be caused by several different factors, both exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal). Therefore, it is essential to first understand the source of the pain. This is one of the bases of traditional Chinese medicine: not to focus only on relieving and eliminating the symptoms, but to look for the root of the problem. Essentially, a headache can be caused by a drastic change in weather, an unhealthy lifestyle, a pathogen, organ imbalance, or it can be of emotional origin. As such, it is triggered when one of these factors impedes the movement of Qi, producing a blockage’.

To relieve any type of headache, Philippa recommends “pressing with the thumb for 10 seconds on the Hegu point (Valley of Union), which is located between the index finger and thumb, and then switching hands.

If the headache is generalised, it is probably caused by exhaustion or lack of energy. It puts pressure on the third eye (between the eyebrows) and the side of the nose. On the other hand, if it spreads from the lower part of the head towards the neck, the cause is hyperactivity, and if it is centred on the sides, it is frustration and anger. In both cases, press the VB21 point (in the upper shoulder area) and the Feng Qi (on the back of the head). Finally, if the pain is concentrated in the forehead, you may have digestive or stomach problems. Press the inner door point (a few centimetres beyond the crease of the wrist) and the third eye”.

In short, acupressure is a painless, non-invasive therapy, with no risks or side effects, and is recommended for anyone of any age who is interested in exploring the natural benefits of health self-regulation.

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