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Monday December 29th, 2014
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Learn how to manage everyday stress is crucial nowadays as stress is one of the biggest virus of the 21st century, causing high levels of physical, emotional and psychological ailments. Nevertheless, if it is diagnosed and prevented in time, a large number of pathologies can be avoided.

Controlling the stress cannot and should not be a radical process; on the contrary, it is very important this to be a gradual process of consciousness, which affects us in our lives. It is urgent and essential to create a balance between tension, pressure and decompression both physical and mental.

The aim of this exercise is to learn how to manage everyday stress, coming to understand if you have a balanced life or if one or more parts of your life are being devoted more time and are causing you more stress. Thus, you can know what needs to be changed to achieve a more balanced and healthier life in all its aspects.

The following exercise needs to be carried out as follows:

– Percentages from 1 to 100% indicate how long you spend on the following aspects in a week. Whether on weekdays or weekends. The total doesn’t need to reach 100. Each category must be assigned from 1 to 100%. Some categories may overlap score, others may be 0%.

– Family and love life are independent. For couples who have children, see if you have time you two;

– Technology refers to the time dedicated to new technologies (computer, iPad, mobile, etc.) outside of work.

– Recreational and leisure activities means if you have a hobby or spend time in activities like: singing, dancing, cooking, painting, music, etc.

– Entertainment applies to television, cinema, reading, shows etc.

-The time you spend on public transports or transit or if you have a job that requires traveling a lot and constantly.

Once the exercise is completed, have a look to the result and try to figure out what needs your attention to rebalance your life.



As much as you love your job and how passionate you work, try to figure out if you are not investing too much on it and leaving other important things in life aside.

Stress can become an addiction when it’s chronic and we think it’s normal to live with a frenetic rhythm without being conscious of how much stress it’s causing us.


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Stress may bring: poor sleeping, not having time for yourself, poor eating, skipping meals or overeating … Stress is directly linked to the digestive system and nourishment (balanced or deficient). Feeling tired constantly, muscle aches, tension in the body and back. Being nervous and feel anxiety. Have less patience with others and having difficulties to relax or make a pause in your life.

These are just some symptoms of stress, but there are many more that can lead to states of physical or psychological illness if not diagnosed early.

The most important thing is to diagnose the factors that are causing stress and in what area of life are to start managing.


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